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a black-and-yellow garden spider

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Q: What spider is green with black stripes and yellow spots?
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What color is a spider?

Spiders come in a variety of colors that include black and brown. Some spiders have stripes of black and yellow. There are spiders that are shades of orange, green, and yellow.

What kind of spider has a black furry body with green stripes on its face?

daring jumping spider

Why do tigers have purple and orange and black and green and yellow stripes?

there not purple orange black green and yellow striped they are only black and orange

What is a black spider with green stripes called?

Check out these images of Bold Jumping Spider (Phidippus audax):

What spider is furry with black and white stripes and a green mouth?

phidippus audax

What type of spider has transparent eyes and has a body that is a yellow-green colour with stripes?

that would be a Argiope aka, writting spider, garden spider.

What kind of caterpillar is green with yellow stripes?

which caterpillar is green with yellow stripes

What is the name of a small fluorescent green spider with black stripes on the back and an orange dot on its body?

a very cute spider

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Lithuanian flag has yellow, green and red horizontal stripes.

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What kind of spider is green with white stripes 1-2 inches in so Calif?

Black wido

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