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a black-and-yellow garden spider

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Spiders come in a variety of colors that include black and brown. Some spiders have stripes of black and yellow. There are spiders that are shades of orange, green, and yellow.

there not purple orange black green and yellow striped they are only black and orange

Check out these images of Bold Jumping Spider (Phidippus audax):

which caterpillar is green with yellow stripes

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Garder-snake; multi color green, yellow and black stripes length of body.

They can be Green, blue, yellow, white, or violet, and most parakeets have black and white stripes somewhere on them.

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The arrowhead spider is black with a yellow greenish triangle on its back. These spiders are orb weavers that come out in the late summer months.

Most catilppilars are green with black stripes but you may be looking at a Crossstriped Cabbageworm.

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green and yellow stripes with green hair.

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no they are orange with black polkadots the caterpillers are yellow, back, white, and kind of a limy green stripes!

white,yellow,orange,green,purple,blue,brown,black. some take away purple some add red

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