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One electron will have spin "up" and the other will have spin "down." When there are two electrons in an orbital -- the maximum number there COULD be -- this is the only possibility permitted.

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Q: What spin do 2 electrons have in an orbit?
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What is the difference between orbit and and orbital?

orbit can accomodate more than 2 electrons while orbital can accomodate 2 electrons with opposite spin while

Which atom has 2 electrons in its first orbit and 8 electrons in its next orbit?


What is the number of electrons can an orbit contain?

If you mean orbital then only 2 electrons of opposite spin. If you mean a principal energy shell then the the number is 2n2 where n is the principal quantum number.

What is the number of electrons that can be held in the frist orbit?

Two (2) electrons can be held in the first orbit.

What is the highest number of electrons allowed in one orbital?

2, an orbital (not the orbit) is that region around the nucleus where maximum two electrons may live one with clockwise and other with anticlockwise spin.

The possible values of an electrons spin quantum number are?

Just two, +1/2, -1/2. These correspond to electrons of opposite spin.

How many electrons are found in each of the three orbits for the first twenty elements?

1st orbit: 2 electrons 2nd orbit: 8 electrons 3rd orbit: 8 electrons

What is the Bohr-Rutherford diagram of nitrogen?

In the 1st orbit, there are 2 electrons and in the 2nd orbit are 5 electrons.

How many electrons can be found in the first orbit?

Maximum of 2 electrons in the first energy level (or orbit).

What is the difference of orbit and spin?

An orbit is where something spins and goes in a circle, a spin is just a spin....

How many electrons can be held in the first orbit?

2, and its not called an "orbit"

What is a nitrogen atom?

nitrogen is an atom that has 7 protons, 7 neutrons and 7 electrons. The protons and neutrons are all stuck together in the middle of the atom which is called the nucleus. The 7 electrons are alot smaller and spin around the nucleus in orbits, the inner orbit consists of 2 electrons where as the other 5 electrons are in the outer orbit.

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