What sport is Uruguay best at?

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Football (soccer).

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Q: What sport is Uruguay best at?
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What is Uruguay's national sport?


What is Uruguays most played sport? Football. Basketball, Rugby, and tennis are other popular sports in Uruguay.

What are the most popular sports in Uruguay?

Football (soccer) by far it's the most popular sport, then basketball.Football. The most popular sport in Uruguay is Football.

What is Uruguay's sport?

Uruguay has many sports, Football (soccer), Basketball, Rugby, Tennis, and Motor Sports.

Why is Uruguay's best sport soccer?

First of all, name of this sport is football, not soccer. In USA, it would be soccer, but in Uruguay it's football. Uruguay hosted first World Cup Championship 1930 in Montevideo where they won the title. Also, Uruguay was the first nation to win this competition more than once, after historic match versus Brazil in their Rio De Janeiro 1950. Therefor, it became popular after those results.

In what country is soccer the most popular sport?

Brazil,Argentina,Chile,Peru,Uruguay,Spain,Germany,Italy,France every where because soccer is the best sport in the world. P.S. Not the south pole

What sports does Uruguay participating?

the most important sport in Uruguay is football.but is not American football ,it is only a simple football. most of the people there play that sport.girls and boys can play football. im from Uruguay! i know a lot about it!

Why is cheer the best sport?

It isn't. The best sport is all in your opinion. You can't prove any sport is the best

What is Uruguay best know for?

Cattle, and women i suppose.

Which is the best soccer team?

Its Brazil,Argentina,and Uruguay

What is the typical sport in Uruguay?

Football (soccer) by far is the most popular one. Others are: basketball and tennis.

What is the best sport to research?

The best sport to research is Basketball

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