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You could play Golf.

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Do cats like to die outside?

Cats do sometimes go outside to die,its because they like to be alone to do so, so going outside is a way they can find somewhere to be alone.

Sports outside of the US?

There are a wide variety of sports played outside the United States. These include cricket, rugby, as well as curling.

Is the word outside a preposition or adverb?

The term "outside" can be used as a preposition AND an adverb - depending on how the sentence is phrased.For example:I walked outside. (In this sentence, "outside" is an adverb because "I walked" can stand alone as an individual sentence.)Outside of the house, the winds roared. (In this case, "outside" is a preposition because the rest of the sentence cannot stand alone.)

How many people watch college sports?

There are millions of people in the world who watch college sports. There are hundreds of thousands of sports fans in the United States alone.

How do I have a sleepover by myself?

go outside and camp in the garden alone.

Where can one find information on the movie Left Outside Alone?

There is a great deal of information on 'Left Outside Alone' on the free online encyclopedia, which in fact contains many information on this subject.

What is a do over in sport?

In sports, a "do over", is a 2nd, or otherwise additional, chance to try something that was previously tried unsuccessfully.Incidentally, that is what a "do over" refers to outsideof sports, as well.Incidentally, that is what a "do over" refers to outside of sports, as well. It's mentioned in TV in relation to sports games among friends, in reality there are no sports that allow do-overs. So truthfully do-over has no relation to sports.

What is the most popular sports in Asia?

Cricket and soccer. *peace!*not a sport played in asia.Cricket?!?!? More like table tennis!Outside of India and Pakistan, cricket is hardly ever known, let alone played.

How many people die a year from extreme sports?

About a million people have died from extreme sports. Some of which include working out alone.

Which sports are most likely to be affected by air pollution in BeijingIN THE olompics?

All of the outside sports....rowing is one of them i think

How many sports are therefor males only?

if you wanna know how many sports are there for males you should go outside sometime

What sports are played outside?

soccer, hockey, football, golf, rugby, laccrosse almost every sport can be played outside

How can you get skinny the fastest?

Exercise, Eat healthy, play sports outside, and that is how i am skinny!!!

What is great about Montana?

Montana is a great place if you like outside sports and hunting.

What kind of sports are there in an indoor sports?

Badminton Netball (can be played in or outside) Basketball (can can be played in or outside) Dodgeball 5 a side soccer (football) Table tennis (ping pong) Judo Karate Tae Kwon Do fencing

How many locations of JD Sports are there in the UK?

Founded in Manchester in early 1981, JD Sports has over 900 stores in the UK alone. They are the UK's leading multiple retailer of sports and causal wear.

Where not to be during a storm?

Outside, alone on an open field. Outside, under a high tree, close to a flag pole, utility pole or similar.

What all comes with the Wii?

the wii, one wii remote, one nunchuck, wii sports, etc. wii sports alone should last you a while.

What should you do about a huntsmen spider?

Leave it alone. If it is in the house, slide it on a paper and then take it outside.

How many kids want to have sports in all elementary school sports?

About 75% of the kids want to have sports in their elementary because its fun and they should focus on it then dong something else outside of school.

Top 5 sports?

The 5 most popular sports in the world are:Football (Soccer)CricketTennisBaseballAmerican FootballBaseball and American Football make the list because of the sheer population of the US alone. It truly isn't played outside of the US, Canada, or other surrounding countries although it is becoming more and more popular worldwide.

How many people watch sports at home?

Between Nascar, Football and Basketball alone, hundreds of thousands of people watch sports. In 2007 alone, 139 million people from 232 countries tuned in to watch the superbowl. In 2009 it was more like 141 million.

Are steroids illegal for use outside of sports?

unless perscribed or given by a doctor, yes

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