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He used to play hockey - he still plays that and Basketball.

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โˆ™ 2009-12-30 03:32:07
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Q: What sports did Justin Bieber used to play?
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Does Justin Bieber like hockey?

Yes, it is one of his favorite sports and he used to play on a team, he was number 18.

Can Justin Bieber play the flute?

He used to play the flute but he now he doesn't.

Does Justin bieber play the trumpet?

Yes Justin used to play the trumpet in school but doesn't play it much now.

Which shampoo is used Justin Bieber?

Justin Bieber uses Axe

Does Justin Bieber run fast?

I would of thought so because he used to play on his hockey team in Ontario and you jave to be fast for most sports so yes xox

Where do Justin Bieber lived at?

Justin Bieber used to live in Stratford, Ontario, Canada.

Did Justin Bieber used to play music in the steets to get money?

I don't think so. It's just a rumor. I saw it on google but Justin did not do that. Justin Bieber ROX and I Love Him the most in this WORLD. <3

What did Justin Bieber used love to do?

Play hockey/ice-hockey. Soccer and play drums, guitar, piano, and the trumpet:)

What kind of cell phone does Justin Bieber have?

I think Justin bieber has a i-phone Yes... Justin Bieber has an i-phone...he used it for one of his music videos

Does Justin bieber run track?

No, he used to play hockey, basketball, soccer, and a little baseball when he was little :)

Why is number 6 Justin bieber' favorite number?

He was the number 6, on the hockey team he used to play for.

What kind perfume Justin bieber used?

Justin Bieber is using D&G for men cologne

What kind of classes did Justin Bieber used to take when he was younger?

when justin bieber was younger he used to take hip hop classes

Where is Justin Bieber's place of residence?

Justin Bieber used to live in Canada but now he lives in Atlanta,Georgia.

Is Justin Bieber a jerker?

No , Justin bieber is just a sweet boy that used to have a crap life but then usher found him singing for money on youtube. JUSTIN BIEBER IS NOT A JERK!X

What instruments are used in Pray by Justin Bieber?

they used a acoustic guitar.

What instruments are used in Justin Bieber?

Justin Bieber does not contain any instruments inside of him (except his vocals, of course!) therefore, none.

Does Justin Bieber live in Ohio?

Nope! Justin Bieber used to live in Stratford Ontario but now lives in Atlanta, Georgia

What was it about Justin Bieber thathelped him succeed?

justin used help from usher to bgin his career

How old is Justin Bieber's friends sister?

if were talking about the same person its catlin beadles and shes 16 her and Justin bieber used to go out

Who uset to be Justin bieber girlfriend?

caitlyn beadles used to date Justin bieber but not anymore they just very good frends now :)

Is jasmine v and Justin bieber go out?

they used to but not anymore

How is camera's used today?

to take pictures of justin bieber

Is Justin Bieber really going out with Caitlin Beadles?

He used to go out with her but Justin is currently single.

What was Justin Bieber's favorite baby food?

When Justin was little, he used to eat Banana's. #BelieberOut