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Cricket is one of the most popular Australian sports at Christmas time.

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Q: What sports do Australia at Christmas time?
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What season would it be at Christmas in Australia?

At Christmas time, it is summer in Australia.

Name a popular Christmas present in Australia?

Anything to do with beaches, swimming and outdoor sports is always a popular Christmas present in Australia.

When does Father Christmas come to Australia?

Father Christmas comes to Australia on Christmas Eve. The same time as as he would in the U.S.A. and other countries.

Do people in Australia have Christmas picnics?

At Christmas time, it is summer in Australia. The weather is warm. Picnics and cookouts are common

What sports do they play in Italy for Christmas?

in christmas time it was winter so they can play ice skating

What time of year is it during Christmas in Australia?

Christmas occurs during the season of summer in Australia, as Australia's summer begins on 1 December and finishes at the end of February. As a result, Christmas in most areas of Australia can be very hot.

What is the name of Christmas in Australia?

Christmas is called Christmas in Australia.

What the difference between Ireland and Australia at Christmas time?


What might you see in Australia around Christmas time?

you can see a star on top of the christmas tree

What is the average temperature at Christmas time in Australia?

in australia the average temp. is 99 degrees in winter.

Is Australia's Christmas in the summer?

Yes. Australia celebrates Christmas at the same time as the rest of the world. The difference is that December is one of the summer months in Australia and the rest of the Southern Hemisphere.

Does Australia have nativity?

Nativity generally refers to the birth of Jesus Christ as it is celebrated at Christmas. Yes, Christians in Australia celebrate the nativity at Christmas time.

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