What sports do you wear a cup jockstrap?

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February 21, 2010 10:41AM

Cups are mandatory for Baseball, Softball, Hockey, LaCrosse and any other sport where a ball, puck, or stick is used and could come into contact with your balls or penis. Of course, some choose not to wear one, but believe me, when you take a hockey stick in the groin or a line drive to your testicles, you'll regret not wearing one.

I think that soccer is where the biggest debate occurs about using a cup. Some say it's a good idea, but others say that with all the running and other leg action that goes along with soccer, the cup either gets in the way, is uncomfortable, or both. Some say the "soft cups" work well for soccer but of course don't offer as much protection.

Guys do end up in the hospital for testicular injuries suffered while playing sports. The phrase "burst testicle" is not appealing to me!

Some guys prefer to wear a cup in what are thought of as "non-contact" sports too. This may be because a cup supports and holds the vitals differently compared with a regular jockstrap. For some guys, a cup is more comfortable and adds to their physique more compared with a regular jockstrap.


I agree with the first answer, except that I don't wear a cup for soccer. I always wore a jockstrap with a cup for baseball and lax, but for soccer I just wear a regular jockstrap. A cup seems like overkill. Like wearing a helmet for soccer! But I do need the support of a jock.