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a Moster squirell and a uncute squirell

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Q: What squirell is most uncommon?
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Is Zac a squirell?

Yes he is he lives in a tree .. with all his squirell friends

What lives under a log?


Can you milk a squirell?

If it has nipples, you can milk it!

What is the most uncommon eye colour?

Purple is the most uncommon eye color

Is squirlicious good music?

indeed squirlicious is one of the most popular bands in the word. There albums is the top album in the tree. Get this album fast because people just go squirell over it. 1. My nuts bring all the squirells to the yard 2. SquirelFriend 3. Only Squirell in the world 4. me-keye-elle is my squirell 5. one less lonely squirell NOTE; all this are originals written and produced by nanny, granny, sr. and jr picfreds. copy write.... 1million nuts.

What is the name of a baby squirell?

squirrl babys

Is a gold a girl alien?

squirell aids.

What is the most uncommon color?

By doing the researching of colors, i think the most uncommon color is Razzmataz

Is it legal to own a pet squirell in NY?

it is legal

Am i required to be a human?

absolutely not i am a squirell with dinausar ears

What animal is from Connecticut?

Cardinal,robins,racoons, squirell, and etc.

Would a cheetah eat a squirrel?

yes, beecause a cheetah lives in a tree, and a squirell lives in a tree, so obviously a cheetah would eat a squirell