Stellar Evolution

What star is at the end of its life cycle?

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Nebulae are associated with the end of a star's life cycle, as they are shells matter that blown off a star, usually in a series of events, when a star is in its death throws.

What is capella star life cycle

The "star life cycle" refers to stars. Earth is not a star.

The life cycle of a star is similar to the life cycle of a human because both humans and stars are born and die.

No. Actually, it's heading to the end of it's life

It depends on the star. The bigger the star, the less life it has.

what is the third stage of the star cycle

The star will blow out its outer layers in a huge explosion called a supernova.

Nobody "invented" it, the life cycle of stars happens naturally.

Life cycle of a sun like star. A sun like star will start out as a nebula to a protostar to a main sequence star to a red giant and into a white dwarf and will simply fade out.

The Hertzsprung-Russel diagram shows the life cycle of all stars.

It will "burn" a lot hotter, have a shorter lifespan and will have a violent death. See related question.

A star starts its life cycle as a Gaseous object giving of light, it then starts to build up and also gives off helium.

The average star will become a white dwarf at the end of its life.

Although at the end of a stars life - another "type" of star is born, they are different to the "normal" type of star and are "star" in name only. Most "remnants" of stars should be classed as degenerate stars. Our Sun (a star) will first turn into a red giant star [See related question] and then a white dwarf star [See related question]

The "protostar". That's not classed as a true star, but I think that's the answer.

It is approx half-way through its 10 billion year life cycle.

Stars have a lifespan that revolves around the amount of hydrogen in the star's core. When the star has reached the end of its life cycle it will expand then gradually shrink, or it will expand and explode.

Stars are absolutely beautiful, and how quickly they burn is determined by their color. Stars have many life cycle baths, however, at the end of each cycle, a star does eventually burn out.

Unfortunately this is not true. Every project has an end and every project life cycle has an end too. The last phase of any projects life cycle is the project closure/closing phase where the project is wrapped up and closed.

The smaller a star is, the longer its life cycle.