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New Hampshire borders Maine and is the only state that borders Maine.

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What country borders Maine the state?

Canada borders the state Maine.

What state or country borders Maine to the south?

New Hampshire is the only state that borders Maine.

Which Atlantic Canadian province borders the state of Maine?

New Brunswick borders Maine to the East and Quebec borders Maine to the West.

What US state borders the State of Maine?

New Hampshire is the only US state that borders Maine; however it does have common borders with both Quebec and New Brunswick.

What state borders one state?


What states border Maine?

New Hampshire borders Maine to the west (the only state to border Maine), while Canada (obviously not part of the US) borders Maine to the North. Just one state borders Maine--New Hampshire

What state neighbors does Maine has?

New Hampshire is the ONLY state that borders Maine!

What state borders Massachusetts Vermont and Maine?

New Hampshire borders Massachusetts, Vermont and Maine.

What borders Maine on the east?

No state borders Maine to the east, instead it it just the vast Atlantic ocean.

What state borders only 1 state?


Which US state borders only one state?

Maine borders only one U.S. state. It borders New Hampshire.

Which ocean is near Maine?

The Atlantic Ocean borders the state of Maine.

What is the name of the states borders only one other state?

Maine maine maine maine maine :d

Which state borders only one other state?

Maine-- it borders only New Hampshire.

Which state anly borders one other state?

Maine borders only New Hampshire

What US state borders Maine on the west?

New Hampshire is the only state to border Maine.

How many states border Maine?

1 state borders Maine. That state is New Hampshire.

What ocean borders northernmost state?


What state borders northwestern Maine?


What is the name of the state that borders only one state?


What only state borders Maine?

New Hampshire is the state.

Is the State of Maine only bordered by one other state?

New Hampshire is the one state that borders Maine.

What is the only us state that borders only one other state?

Maine. It borders only New Hampshire and Canada.Maine:US states: Maine. It borders with the US state of New Hampshire, to the south-west. It also borders with two Canadian provinces, Quebec and New Brunswick. However, as neither of these are US states, then, strictly, they don't count as states.Maine.Maine

What state borders New Hampshire Canada and the Atlantic ocean?


What us state that borders the Atlantic ocean is the farthest east?


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