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Montana leads the nation in coal reserves followed by Illinois and then Wyoming which currently leads the nation in coal production.

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Q: What state has the most coal reserves?
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Which state has the least major coal mines?

Most states don't have any because of low coal reserves.

What are three facts about coal?

The United States produces about 20% of the world's supply of coal. Montana is the state with the most coal reserves, but Wyoming is the top coal-producing state. Coal generates about half of the electricity used in the United States.

What state is the leading coal mining state?

Wyoming leads in production and has the third largest coal reserves. Montana and Illinois have larger reserves of coal but the production/output is greatest by Wyoming at present.

What continent has the most coal reserves?


Nations largest coal reserves are found in this state?

Montana has the largest coal deposit followed by Wyoming.

What country has the largest coal reserves in the world?

Russia has the largest coal reserves in the world. It has 1 third of the worlds coal reserves.

Are all of Germany coal reserves located in Silesia?

No most of them are

What state has the most coal mines?

In 2009 Wyoming was the largest producer of coal with 428 million tons produced. West Virginia was second with 139 million tons produced.

How long to coal reserves last?

Coal reserves can last for up to 300 years

What countries produce the most coal?

China is the biggest coal producing country. But the USA also has the most Deposits and reserves!

Is there more known coal reserves in Illinois than oil reserves?

more oil reserves

What state in the US has the most oil in it?

Alaska produces the most oil by a very wide margin of any other state. Ever twice as much as Texas which is second. ND is 9th. There are proven reserves and projected reserves. Alaska has the most proven reserves. The state with the most projected reserves is debatable as it cannot be proven.