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What state is Guyana in?

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its in South America, in the caribbean, just above Brazil The leader is Barrack Jagdeo

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Guyana is an independent, democratic country, its Head of State is President who is currently Bharrat Jagdeo. Guyana does not have a Governor!

Guyana is a sovereign state in South America. It's capital and largest city is Georgetown.

The President of Guyana, as of July 2014, is Donald Ramotar. He is a member of the People's Progressive Party.

Yes, Guyana is a semi-presidential democratic republic, whose president is head of state. The president appoints the prime minister who is head of government.

Guyana state size is 214,970 sq mi

The leader of Guyana is the President of Guyana, who is the head of state, and of his political party. The president appoints the prime minister who is head of government.He is of East Indian decent and is known as Bharrat Jagdeo.

slightly smaller than the us state of Idaho

Guyana is not a island. Guyana is a country in South America.

Guyana has no deserts.

no Guyana is not a city

Guyana is a sovereign state located in South America. A few national monuments in Guyana are Fort Zeelandia, Court of Policy, Fort Kyk-Over-Al, and Fort Nassau.

Guyana is actually famous for the gold and rice. Guyana is one of the most important exporting country of gold.

Guyana was discovered in 1512

Guyana does not have winter

Guyana size is 83,000.

Georgetown is the capital of Guyana.

Guyana was created in 1667.

because its not the same i am from Guyana and i am 10 British toke over Guyana

Co-operative Republic of Guyana

Guyana is an independent COUNTRY (thus a nation, with proper territory and people) since 1966, having even stayed ever since apart from the British Commonwealth.

Fred Sukdeo has written: 'Trading strategies and economic development in Guyana' -- subject(s): Commerce, Economic conditions 'The economics of state control of the sugar industry in Guyana'

Guyana is located on the continent of South America.Guyana is located on the continent of South America

Guyana is a beautiful country ,land of many water an forest, Guyana has many land mark Guyana is a country of six race ,Guyana is an independent country it was once rules by the British

Guyana uses the Guyanese dollar.

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