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Q: What state was Zachary Taylor Elected?
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What state did Zachary Taylor live in when he got elected?

He was born in Virginia, but grew up in Kentucky. He was living in Louisiana when he was elected President.

What year was Zachary Taylor elected as president of the US?

Taylor was elected in 1848.

Who was elected in 1849?

Zachary Taylor

Who was elected presiedent in 1849?

Zachary Taylor

Who was the last elected whig president?

Zachary Taylor

What state did Zachary Taylor represent?

Zachary Taylor represent Louisiana

Are there any presidents elected from Louisiana?

Just Zachary Taylor

How old was Zachary Taylor when elected?

64 years old.

Which president never voted until he was elected?

Zachary Taylor

Who died suddenly while in an elected office in 1850?

Zachary Taylor.

How old was Zachary Taylor when he became president?

He was 64 when he elected president

What happened after Zachary Taylor's term was over?

After Millard Fillmore completed the term to which Zachary Taylor was elected, Franklin Pierce's Presidential term began.