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What state was claimed by spain?

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What states in the US were claimed for Spain?

What states in the USA were claimed for Spain? What states in the USA were claimed for Spain?

What states were claimed by Spain?

No States were claimed by Spain. When Spain was exploring there were no states.

What country claimed the land on the Florida peninsula?

The initial European power that claimed the Florida peninsula was Spain. Spain ceded it to the United States and it became a state in 1845.

When was Cuba claimed for Spain?

Cuba was claimed for Spain in 1498.

Who explored and claimed for Spain what is now the state of Florida?

Vasco Nunez de balboa

How was Columbus mistaken about the land he claimed for Spain?

He thought that the land he claimed for Spain were the Indies.

Who claimed the island for Spain in 1492?

Christopher Columbus claimed the island of Spain in 1492. ♥

Which British colony is claimed by Spain?

Gibraltar is a territory, not a colony, of the United Kingdom claimed by Spain.

What country claimed Florida?

Spain claimed Florida.

Which explorer claimed the land of Spain for Florida?

Nobody from Florida ever claimed the land of Spain. It was Spanish explorers, like Ponce de Leon who claimed the land of Florida for Spain.

What areas of north America were claimed by Spain?

Spain claimed Mexico, Caribbean, Central, and South America

Who claimed Cuba for spanish in 1492?

umm well the spanish was Spain. so Spain claimed cuba.

Who claimed Uruguay?

A: Spain

What was the area claimed by Spain in the 13 colonies?

There were no areas claimed by Spain within the confines of the original 13 colonies.

What power claimed the territory of Florida?

Spain claimed the territory of Florida

State claimed by the Quakers?

state claimed by the quakers

Who claimed Colorado in 1706?


Who claimed land for Spain?


Who claimed Louisiana in 1763?


What was the colony that was claimed by Spain?


What countries were claimed by Spain?


What 2 explorers claimed land in south America for Spain?

Cortez and Pizarro claimed land in south america for spain in the 1500s.

What country claimed the land south of Georgia?

Spain claimed the land south of Georgia.

Who claimed the Oregon territory when Lewis and clark were there?

it was claimed by Britain, U.S.,Spain,and Russia

Arizona was claimed by what European nation?