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Q: What statement describes the cause and effect relationship between the development of balance and writing?
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Which statement describes the cause-and-effect relationship between the development of the balance and writing?

The invention of the balance made trade easier. Increased trade contributed to the development of more complex writing systems.

What is the linkage between income statements and balance sheet?

Income statement and balance sheet are linked in this way that income statement describes how assets and liabilities are utilized to earn revenue and net income while balance sheet describes the information about remianing amount of assets and liabilities.

Does research and development go on a income statement or a balance sheet?

R&D goes on the income statement, generally as an operating expense in the current year. You can no longer capitalize (balance sheet) R&D.

What is statement balance on your credit card?

the statement balance is nothing more than the balance of your card at the time the statement was printed.

Which statement best describes the balance of power in Europe after World War 2?

"Iron Curtain" had divided the continent into two opposing camps.

Is goodwill balance or income statement?


A statement of money received and paid with a balance?

A statement of money received and paid with a balance is an account.

What is relationship between tally and accounting?

Accounting is making a statement of company's profit and loss,and tally is making a perfect balance between assets and liability

What is a financial statement that includes assets and liabilities?

A Balance Sheet, also sometimes referred to as a Statement of Financial Position.

Is a balance sheet the same as a financial statement?

Balance sheet is a type of financial statement. Other types of financial statements could be income statement and statement of cash flow.

Are accounts payable on the income statement and balance sheet?

yes accounts are payable on the income statement and balance sheet.

Difference between outstanding balance and Statement Balance?