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none that i know of without parental consent

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Q: What states allow marriages under age 16?
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Which states will allow you to marry with out parents consent before 18?

In Australia, all states will allow marriage after the age of 16. However socially marriages are frowned upon under the age of 18 as a significant proportion of early marriages fail.

Can Jo joe from los super Reyes get married with a 12 years old girl?

It would be illegal for a 12 year old to get married. Most states won't allow any marriages under the age of 16.

Can you get married under age sixteen?

There are a few states that will allow it, normally with a court order.

Should people under the age of eighteen not be allowed to marry?

Marriage is a contract between two people. The law has long held that anyone under the age of majority is not able to contract, not having a full understanding or appreciation of the consequences. Therefore, to get married under the age of 18 requires parental consent. Not all states allow this and most say you have to be at least 16 to get married, even with consent. Some states allow younger marriages, but require a court order to validate that there is no coercion or 'selling' of young girls into marriage/slavery.

What state allows tattoo under 18?

al states allow you to get a tattoo with parental consent at age 14

What states allow marriage at age six teen?

Most states allow it, IF the minor has parental consent.

Does any countries in world allow marriage at under 18 years of age?

There are a few states in the U.S. that have consent ages under 18. Many other countries do.

What is the youngest age you can get married at in California?

There is no min age for marriage in California However parent (and judge) approval is required if the couple (or one of them) is under 16 It is not only in CA, as many states allow under age marriage if the girl is already pregnant

If you are pregnant and under 16 can you get emancipted if you meet all the requirements?

Chances of you meeting the requirements under the age of 16 are pretty poor. First of all, only about half the states allow emancipation. Those that do, only a couple allow it under the age of 16. And you have to show that you have enough money or a job to take care of yourself.

Can you get emancipated under the age of 16 with parent consent?

Only about half the states allow emancipation. And of those that do, most of them require you to be 16 or older.

What is under age modeling?

In the United States, this refers to models that are under the age of 18.

What disqualifies you from voting?

Individuals under the age of 18 are disqualified from voting. In some states felons are disqualified from voting however other states allow felons to vote after their sentence is served.

Should Teens under the age of 16 be able to drive if they have no transportation?

Most states will allow it under certain circumstances. Under what is called a hardship license. Usually for people living in very rural areas.

If you are 16 and your girfreind is 14 can you get married at this age?

In most States, no. You will have to look up the laws for underage marriages for your State.

What is the law for marriages involving teen pregnancy?

For the most part there is no difference. Under the age of 18 requires parental consent (actually older in a few US states!). If the girl is under the age of 16 most places require a court order to issue a marriage license whether the girl is pregnant or not.

What is the average length of first marriages?

depends on the age when they got married. Those that marry under the age of 24 account for 85% of all divorces.

Can you take your wife to a bar if she is under 21 and you are over 21?

What is the legal drinking age in your state? Does your state allow under-age persons to be in bars? Does the bar owner allow under-age people in his establishment? If those questions can be answered in the affirmative then she can probably accompany you.

If your girfriend is 14 and you are 16 can you get married if she wants too and is pregnant?

No, chances are not good. Many states will not allow someone under the age of 16 to get married at all. In others it requires parental permission and a court order to get married under the age of 16.

What is the age to get cdl?

Under federal law, 18, with an intrastate only restriction. 21 to drive interstate and/or get a hazmat endorsement. Some states won't allow anyone under 21 to have a CDL, though.

Can you get empancipated at the age of 17?

{| |- | It depends on the state you live in. Only about half of the states allow emancipation. Those states that do allow it usually allow 16 and 17 year olds to apply. |}

Where to go for under age marriages?

personally i would recamend not getting married underage because the marriage wouldn't be legal.

What are the age limits for becoming a mayor?

It differs for several states but the legal age for all states is 18 years old. Some states will only allow a person of the age of 30 and up to be the mayor.

What is the age of someone who can allow another to drive under the age of 17?

they need to have passed their driving test

Do any states allow people under eighteen to vote?

No state in the US allows people under 18 years old to vote. The age is set at 18 so the youngest servicemen are able to vote.

What is the legal drinking age in the United States?

The legal drinking age for alcohol in the United States is 21. There are some states that appear to allow consumption at home from the age of 19, but this is disputed by courts and has not been formalised.