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What store can fix your iPod video?


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You can take your iPod to any apple store. They should have a help counter and you can make an appointment in the store or online to get your ipod checked out.

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go to an ipod store and they will tell you or they will fix it.

you should just should take the ipod back to the store you got it from and see if they can fix it of just exchange.

Only the apple store can fix it for you. Ask them how to unlock your Ipod.

If you are not out of warranty then yes if you are then no it depends on what happened to your ipod if apple cant fix it they will give you the same gen of the same ipod brand new and if they can fix it then they will fix it and give it back to you

Go to an apple store and they will fix it

You can fix your disabled iPod touch without downloading iTunes by taking it to an apple store. They have tech experts who can repair your iPod touch easily.

buy replacment screen take it to the apple store

Apple will if you still have warranty.

I suggest you bring it to the apple store.

Any good video game store should be able to fix discs and consoles. Although if your nearby stores cant fix the disc I would suggest getting an new copy.

When an electronic device falls in the water, there usually is no saving it. A person can try to fix a water logged IPod by taking it to an Apple Store to replace.

well if your ipod goes in the water then you should go to a electronic store and tell them what is wrong with your ipod and they will help you fix it

go to the app store and search for it.

According to the Apple Store, a 30GB iPod Video costs $299.00 Canadian dollars in Canada. The 80GB model costs $399.00.

go to an apple store and set up an appointment and they will give you a new ipod for only 100$

The websites recommend plugging the iPod into the computer and hooking into an iTunes store. Once connected to the store, click on the "Restore" option.

It's worth 10% off a new iPod at your local Apple store.

Go to a video game store

I have same exact one apple store will fix it

Sometimes you can't fix it yourself so you usually have to send it to an Apple store to be fixed. At any Apple store, they ALSO do a swap where they take your iPod Touch and give you a new one for only like $100.

You press the select bottom and the play bottom at the same time till it resets

The Apple Store will not fix your iPod Touch USB connector for free. You must buy a new cable, because they do not fix connector cables.

If you send it into Apple they can probably fix, or you can go to an Apple store, they might be able to fix it.

if you have wifi then you can go to the app store on the ipod touch and download it, or you could go on to itunes and get the app there I get the iPod Converter for put DVD and video to iPod touch without jailbreaking it.

If you send your ipod to apple or another ipod repair store, it costs about 50 or 60 dollars for them to replace your battery. (Sometimes if apple cannot fix it, they send you a new ipod instead)

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