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Sorry - There are no Webkinz sales for 99 cents. The least I've seen them sold for is 7.99 for lil kinz, and 9.99 for big kinz, at Walgreens.

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Q: What store can you buy webkinz for 99?
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Where can you buy the Webkinz wolf?

webkinz e store

Where to buy Webkinz?

at a store

How do you get Webkinz tees for you?

Go to the Webkinz store and buy the t-shirt.

Where do you buy the Emerald webkinz lab?

You can get the emerald lab at the webkinz e-store.

What store can you buy a Bengal tiger webkinz?

You can buy them on Amazon!

How do you get zummies on Webkinz?

Buy then at the store Justice.

Were do you buy Webkinz?

Use the store locater on that one.

Where can you buy Webkinz online?

at the ganz e-store

How do you become a webkinz memeber?

To be a Webkinz member you have to buy a Webkinz plush with a "secret code" in its tag. To become a deluxe member you have to buy the membership at the E-store.

What is Webkinz estore in Webkinz?

The Webkinz e-store is a place were you can buy codes to exclusive items and log them in at the code shop in webkinz world.

How do you get Webkinz codes?

You either buy a plush webkinz toy or you can buy one from the e-store on You can also go to to find a store locator for codes.

Are the Webkinz Google real?

Well of course!! You can buy them at your local webkinz store. Or, if you are having trouble locating a store or if you just can't find one at your local store, go to and buy one there.