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Q: What store sells Keurig k-cup coffee?
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Can you brew coffee from a K-cup without a Keurig system?

You can just open Kcup and use that coffee for regular coffee maker.

How many calories does Keurig coffee have?

It depends on which Kcup you use. Different Kcups have different number of calories.

Can you use tassimo in Keurig coffee machine?

It is not recommended. The only option is to open Tassimo disc and pour it into the reusable Kcup. Than use it for Keurig.

How many different models of the Keurig coffee machine are there to choose from?

There are three Keurig models to choose from: KCup, Vue, and Rivo. These models can be purchased directly from the Keurig website along with additional equipment.

How do you make tea in a Keurig?

You need to buy tea Kcup, and then use it regularly.

What are the plus's and con's of keurig coffee machine?

Keurig is known for being a single cup coffee maker, with the convenience of having the coffee of your choice, brewed within seconds without making a mess or leaving a pot full of unused coffee. That in itself is a pro, but if you're one who likes to entertain and share coffee with others, you may prefer a coffee maker that will allow for mutliple cups to be brewed at a time. A con could also be the expense (and having to keep a supply) of the coffee pod refills (known as K-cups). A pro would be the no clean-up required after brewing a Kcup.

How does the Keurig gourmet single cup work?

After you place it into the machine, machine makes small holes on top and bottom of the cup. Hot water is sent through Kcup and fresh coffee drink goes directly to the mug. In about 30 seconds, brewing is finished.

When was KCUP created?

KCUP was created on 1960-09-26.

Does Keurig make espresso?

You can find different types of espresso Kcups, you just need to choose the right Kcup. It is not traditional espresso brewed with espresso machine, but it has very similar taste and aroma. It is a good option.

Where could one find more about kcup coffee?

You can find more information about K cup coffee by reading on a Folgers or Starbucks website. They both serve K Cup coffee so they know all about it and are there to inform you on why it is so special compared to regular coffee.

What is unique about KCup coffee brewers?

They are very fast and very simple to use. They are unique because every individual can have the flavor and strength of coffee that they personally prefer. There will also be no glass carafe which could break and then be very difficult to replace.

How do I use a kcup and where can I buy the coffee?

Using a K-Cup to make coffee is really simple and a tutorial can be found on YouTube or on the instruction manual that usually comes when you purchase the K-Cup. There are lots of flavors one can choose from such as Extra Bold, Breakfast Blend and more.

How many ounces in a kcup?

Each K cup is typically designed for a medium brew which is 8oz.

Where can you find replacement k cup holders?

umm..did you think of the store maybe...? Buy from You're assured its brand new. If you want to buy used, you might as well clean and poke your old kcup holders with paper clips.

What are the best web sites to buy discounted k cups?

Where can I find discounts on K-Cups?

You can find them here. This site also offers free shipping.