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It was called Island Hopping. Certain islands of strategic value would be attacked and occupied while others would be bypassed and isolated. The goal was to bring mainland Japan within range for routine bombing attacks.

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What strategy did the US use fighting the Japanese in the pacific?

"Island Hopping" was a strategy of attacking one island at a time and get closer to mainland Japan.

What was the US strategy for victory over Japan?

The US dropped an atomic bomb on Japan

What was the US strategy in fighting Germany and Japan at the same time during World War 2?

I believe part of the strategy was to use the US Navy and Marines in the Pacific Theater and to a lesser degree the US Navy and Merchant Marines, and the US Army in the European Theater. Most of the Pacific fighting was the so-called "island hopping" technique.

What Strategy did the US use to get to Japan?

island hopping

Why was the us fighting in Iwo Jima?

It was part of the "Island-Hopping" strategy .

What was the US strategy for winning the conflict with Japan?

"Island Hopping"

Which strategy did the US adopt upon entering World War 2?

for plato users its NOT c

What strategy did the US use to defeat Japan in the Pacific?

Island-Hopping .

What was the US strategy for defeating Japan in the pacific War?

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What treaty ended the fighting between US and Japan?

there was no treaty

What are the 2 countries the us is fighting?

Mainly Germany and Japan.

What strategy did the US rely on during the war against Japan?

island hopping

WHY did the us invade japan?

The United States attacked Japan in retaliation to Pearl Harbor. After fighting, the US was in a position to invade Japan and soon after dropped a bomb to make Japan surrender.

What countries were the us fighting in world war2?

Japan, Germany, Italy.

What brought an end to the fighting between Japan and the US?

The Atom Bomb

What country was last to keep fighting before US came in?


Who was US fighting in World War II?

Germany, Italy and Japan

What was the war strategy of the us and its allies for Europe?

To defeat Germany first then fight Japan

What fighting tactics did the US use?

The strategy (plan) was attrition; the tactics (procedure) would be search and destroy.

Why was it harder for US to fight war with Japan?

Because they were fighting in enemy's land.

What country did the US force to adopt a democratic form of government following World War 2?


What is the reason for the US fighting Germany when Japan attacked pearl harbor?

yes it was than they launched in adam bomb in japan!

Who did Japans culture change after World War 2?

Japan was occupied by the US under GEN Douglas MacArthur. Japan had to adopt US culture, in the form of human rights, democracy, etc.

Who won war of the US and Japan?

The US won. After about three years and eight months of fighting, two Japanese cities were destroyed by US atomic bombs, and Japan surrendered unconditionally.

The US was fighting who at World War 2?

The Axis Powers, Italy, Germany and Japan.