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Fingernails and hair not completely sure but i know fingernails is right

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Q: What structures are made up of live tissue in the skin?
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Is scars dead skins?

Scars are made up of fibrous tissue, which is a result of skin repair. It is still live tissue, but it is not as good as the skin that was there before the injury.

Are sweat glands made of modified epithelial tissue?

Yes, sweat glands are made of modified epithelial tissue. They are formed by invaginations of the epidermis (outer layer of the skin) and consist of coiled tubular structures. These tubular structures are lined with specialized sweat gland epithelial cells that secrete sweat.

What are tissue made out of?

It is a replacement tissue in an injured tissue, which is made up of connective tissue reguardless of whether the injury was in fact on the epithelium level. It is considered non-funtional because it does not carry out the function of the tissue that was replaced.

Is the skin all made of living tissue?

No. The outside layer is dead tissue.

What type of tissue is skin mostly made of?

The skin tissue is made of three main layers: the epidermis (suface), the dermis (subsurface), and a subcutaneous tissue (inside, where blood vessels run through)

What are your lips made out of?

Skin, muscle tissue, collagen

What is the ear lobe made of?

Skin and fatty tissue.

What is the type of tissue?

Skin is made up of epithelial tissue. stratified spuamousnerves:)Epithelial.

What part of the skin is made mostly by of connective tissue?

The subcutaneous layer of skin is the layer which is formed of connective tissue.

What cerberal cortex structures have pain receptors?

Skin and Internal tissues. Not in the nervous tissue of the brain, which lack of pain receptors.

Why can't chlamydia live on your skin?

Chlamydia prefers to infect a type of tissue called columnar epithelium. This tissue is found in mucous membranes, but not on the external skin.

What type of squamous tissue is skin made up of?