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The water molecule has a partial negative and partial positive charge because it is a polar molecule. Electrostatic attraction between the partial negative and partial positive molecules gives the water molecule its partial charge.

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What are the positive influences in Bollywood movies?

Positive influences are - Amitabh , Shahrukh, etc. These actors have shown us what struggle is. They have certainly displayed how it is done.

How does starch have affects on the human body?

I'm not sure if it's positive or negative but your body cannot digest starch on its own that's when saliva comes in it has an enzyme in it to break down the starch to very small and digestible pieces and your body won't struggle then.

Where did the term Jihad come from?

It is a derivative of the Arabic root JHD which means "to struggle against" or "tangle with". It is a religious duty of Muslims to struggle against the negative influences both in themselves and the world in general.

What are the negative effects of returning to school as a mature student?

The negative effects of returning to school as a mature student include not fitting in socially. You may be picked on or struggle to catch up both academically and socially.

Elvis presleys impact on his generation?

Very positive impact except for his struggle on weight control wich leads him to use amphetamines that caused his premature death.

What is the opposite of struggle?

The opposite of struggle is thrive.

What did Lil Wayne struggle with?

hay what did he struggle with

How do you say struggle in french?

lutter = to struggle la lutte = the struggle (also means wrestling, as in the sport)

What is struggle in Filipino?

Filipino translation of struggle: pakikibaka

What do teens struggle with when they have ADHD?

what do teens with ADHD struggle with

Is their a patron saint of struggle?

There is no patron saint of struggle.

What does a character with an internal conflict struggle with?

Internal means on the inside. An internal conflict would be something like an emotional struggle, a spiritual struggle, or a struggle with one's conscience.

What are the kinds of conflict?

Struggle against nature; struggle against society; struggle against antagonist; inner conflict

What are some sentences using the word struggle?

I sometimes struggle with my math homework.I have to struggle to talk when i have a soar throat.In soccer: I'll need to struggle to trick that big defender!

Struggle is life?

Life can be struggle. Only if we make it so.

When was Born Into Struggle created?

Born Into Struggle was created in 2004.

What is the latin root for struggle?

The Latin word for "struggle" is certamen.

What is the future tense of struggle?

Will struggle or will be struggling depending on the context.

How do you spell struggle?

That is the correct spelling of the word "struggle" (a conflict).

When was A Struggle for Rome created?

A Struggle for Rome was created in 1876.

When did Twilight Struggle happen?

Twilight Struggle happened in 2005.

What are some sentences using struggle?

The struggle for equality is still going on today. He did not give up the fight without a struggle.

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