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Dotted paint

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It you refer to the painting entitled 'Bathers in the Forest', it was painted by Auguste Renoir, 1897.

Henri Matisse painted the most famous of all Bathers. But there are others.

george seurats most famous paintings are the bathers head of girl famous assise baignade a asnieres study for la grande jatte SUNDAY AFTERNOON

The image above is not one of Cézanne's Bathers. He painted Bathers from the 1870's onward. Near the end of his life he painted three large scale works of women bathers. The figures in all of these paintings have one thing in common, they are linked architecturally to each other and the background. He worked for seven years on the most famous of his Bather paintings, and considered it unfinished upon his death in 1905. You can view the actual painting at this link:

He painted in the style of the Renaissance.

Degas painted in the impressionist style.

Artists who painted in the International Gothic style?

It was painted in 1914 in the style of Surrealism.

Hot Springs Bathers was created in 1938.

Using pointillism, pointillism is very small dots of different colour dotted onto the paper. This artist used very fine dots

Three subjects were the most important to Cézanne: Mont St Victoire, Bathers and Stillifes with apples. Each of those he painted many times.

He painted surrealistic paintings.

What was the style Georgia O'Keeffe painted? -realism -art nouveau etc...

The Hundertwasser painted in an abstract style because he pianted everywhere and everything.

Leonardo painted in the realist style (he painted what he saw, he did not change it or distort his paintings inn any way) and was part of the Renaissance art movement.

Eugène Boudin repeatedly painted the beach at Trouville in the middle of the 19th century.One of Georges Seurat's best-known paintings is Bathers at Asnières.Apart from those, beaches have been favorite motives of many painters.

The Fisherman and the Bathers - 1901 was released on: USA: July 1901

It is an expressionist painting.

I really need to find these bathers :) they are like the ones in the following links: - -

Bathers with High Diving - 1903 was released on: USA: 1903

Many artists have painted this subject. The one by Leonardo da Vinci is in the style of the Renaissance.

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