What subjects should you take at GCSE to become a docter?


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Definaltely science but not sure what else

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Take the subjects that your good at it and you have confidence! But also it must have sense to your aim...

if your school offers then: health and social care

it is my understanding that the main GCSE subjects to become a commercial aviation pilot are English,maths,triple science,geography. hope this is helpful

Mabey PE and it depends on what field you do in the police force

i think you need 5 a-a* in gcse subjects

Typically, universities will look for 8 A*'s in GCSE but it doesnt really matter which subjects they are in.

does anyone know what gcse subjects i will need to take to be a gyneocologist??? ty x

In short - Yes. Most people are aware that there are a number of "core" subjects which students need to study in order to gain good college and university places, and to succeed in the work place. Typically, GCSE English, GCSE Maths and the GCSE dual Science syllabus are the "big three" subjects in this respect, and most employers and further or higher education establishments stipulate grade C or above for GCSE Maths, GCSE English and GCSE dual science as the syllabus for each of these subjects is considered to teach students skills which are vital for all aspects of life. For more information see Which GCSEs should I take link.

GCSE wise you'll need A*-C grades in Chemistry, Biology, English & Maths. They're the main ones I think.

if you have the choice take PE but otherwise all 3 sciences are good (especially biology) and history is good for journalism

You need to have all sciences (biology, physics and chemistry) and it is obvious that you need to have A's and A*'s to become a peditrician

science subjects like chemistry and biology

Maths,Biology, Chemistry and Physics. For more information go on university websites and pick the course of ur choice then go to course requirements

what gcse do i need to become a paramedic

Well in my school we have 10 gcse subjects four of them we can choose (maths, english and science are compulsury) some gcses are worth half a gcse, depending in what set your in say id you were in a top set you are more likely to get that extra gcse as you are capable of doing it. Hope this helps :)

Just choose subjects that you enjoy or your favourites

You need to be a charted accountent is maths - GCSE + A leval english - GCSE accountency- A leval

As with the majority of jobs, they're likely to want to see a good range of subjects at GCSE, but certainly Maths, Statistics, English and probably Business Studies and Computing. You should do some others too. My personal choice would be to take Geography, Physics, Chemistry, Spanish and RE too. Be rounded.

Yes, as they are two different subjects.

All of the science (excluding astronomy) is put in one GCSE and is compulsory, the individual subjects are optional.

the main gcse you need to become a police is history.

how many Gcse do i need to be a firefighter

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