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2 atoms of Bromine[Br] are in Molecular Bromine(Br2)

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Is bromine is an heterogeneous substance?

Bromine is a chemical element.

What is bromine made of?

Bromine is an element, a pure substance. It is composed of bromine atoms only. Bromine is also diatomic, so it will naturally pair up to be Br2.

Is bromine a mixture?

Bromine is an element, and therefore a pure substance, not a mixture. However, sometimes people loosely refer to bromine water (a solution of bromine in water) as just bromine.

Does bromine conduct heat?

Every material substance conducts heat. Bromine isn't particularly good at it, though.

What test is used to distinguish between ethene and methane?

Ethene is an unsaturated substance since it is alkene and has one double bond, we can use bromine water to test ethene. Yellow bromine water turns colourless if the substance is ethene. If it is methane which is alkane ( not alkene ), bromine will stay yellow.

What is meant by the term bromo?

Bromo means that the substance contains the element bromine.

What does bromine feels like?

It would feel like a water like substance. DO NOT TOUCH!! Long term contact with bromine may cause cancer.

Is bromine a substance?

Yes it is a substance. A brown liquid that changes to a brown gas at less than room temperature.. It i similar to chlorine.

How do test if a substance contains alkenes?

To test if a substance contains alkenes a scientist can test with bromine water. An alkene is an organic molecule that has at least one double bond.

What is the difference between bromine and bromine water?

Bromine is pure liquid bromine Bromine Water is bromine mixed with water

Which substance is a solid at 7 degrees Celsius?

I'm pretty sure its Bromine It's sulfur. I'm sure of it

What is the difference between bromine water and liquid bromine?

Liquid bromine is the Real Bromine, while Bromine water is a mixture of Bromine and Water

Reaction between lithium metal and bromine gas?

Lithium metal and bromine gas react to form lithium bromide which is a solid substance. The reaction is as follows:- Li(s) + Br(g) -----> LiBr(s)

What substance does potassium chloride and bromine make?

anticonvulsants..............people with seizure use it to stop seizures.... also vets use it

Slogan for bromine?

Bromine is bromine no matter how toxic

What happens if you mix chlorine and bromine?

All that happens if you crush up a bromine and a chlorine tablet and mix them in water is it becomes a stronger substance to kill bacteria, however i would not recommend getting in that water it can damage your skin.

What are the 3 states of the element bromine?

Liquid = Bromine Solid = Solid Bromine Gas = Bromine vapor

What is the difference between Bromine liquid and Bromine aqueous solution?

Bromine liquid is the element bromine (Br) in liquid form. Nothing else is there. Bromine Aqueous solution is the element bromine dissolved in a solvent.

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