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Q: What substance is created when you combine sodium and chlorine?
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When 2 poisonous substances combine why do they form a harmless substance?

such as when sodium and chlorine combine, they form salt which is obviously harmless

Is chlorine and sodium an ionic?

Chlorine and sodium combine to produce the ionic compound sodium chloride.

When sodium and chlorine combine what happens to the electrons?

Chlorine gains electrons and sodium lose electrons

Why does sodium fit into the trend of reactivity?

well in an example sodium and chlorine make up the substance salt with is created by two toxic substances with makes sodium a reactive substance

Sodium and chlorine can combine to form?

Household salt

What do you get when you chemically combine chlorine and sodium?

Sodiumcloride (salt)

What sodium is in chlorine?

Chlorine is a pure substance, an element. Sodium is a pure substance, an element. Therefore there can be no Sodium IN Chlorine. The two elements can react together in equal proportions to form a new substance, a compound called Table Salt.

What are the reactants in sodium chloride?

Sodium and chlorine are the reactants and they combine into soldium chloride.

Is sodium and chlorine a compound?

Sodium is an element. Chloride is an element. Sodium and chlorine combine to form the compound sodium chloride which is commonly known as the table salt.

Sodium and chlorine can combine to form what?

NaCl (table salt)

What element does chlorine usually combine with?

Hydrogen, sodium, & potassium.

When sodium and chlorine combine to form sodium chloride sodium chloride is the?

It is the product.