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What substance is the most expensive by the kilo?

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Give the value of a kilo?

It depends largely on what it's a kilo of--a kilo of brick dust is much less expensive than a kilo of steel, which is less expensive than a kilo of uranium.

What is the most expensive nut?

Macademia nuts are widely regarded as the world's most expensive nuts. They cost $30-$35 per kilo (about 2.2 lbs).

Most expensive non metallic substance?


What is the hardest most valuable and most expensive natural substance in the world?


What is the most expensive item ever sold at the pawn shop?

4 1 kilo gold bars

What was the most expensive item purchased on Pawn Stars?

4 kilo pieces of gold valued at over $128,000.

Convert kilo to liter?

Kilo is weight, liter is volume. There's no way of converting them w/o knowing what substance you're talking about, as the answer will vary with the density of the substance.

From which country comes the most expensive salt of the world?

Most of the salt you buy comes from salt mines but there is also sea salt which is evaporated out of the sea and it is more expensive. The most expensive salt comes from Leaso, a large island off the Danish mainland. It sells for $29 per kilo.

Is a kilo of feathers heaver then a kilo of wood or a kilo of lead?

One kilogram of mass weighs about 2.2 pounds on earth and about 5.8 ounces on the moon. It doesn't matter what substance comprises the mass.

What is the most expensive substance in the world that is 68 million dollars per gram?

I thinks it's Anti-matter.

How many grams in a kilo of meth?

"Kilo" pressumably is "kilograms", meaning 1000 grams. It doesn't matter what substance you are talking about, a kilogram is always 1000 grams.

How much does a kilogram of lead weigh in grams?

1000g. There are 1000g in a kilo, regardless of substance

How much does a quarter kilo go for in the US?

It all depends on what substance is being weighed out.

What is the most expensive thing in the universe?

It depends on what you call a "thing".The most expensive single object is the International Space Station (ISS), at $157 billion. However, it is not complete. It is expected to be done in 2011 (as of January 2011). The most expensive completed object is the Itaipu Dam in Brazil at $27 billion. But antimatter is the most expensive known substance. It is $62.5 quadrillion a kilogram ($28 quadrillion a pound).

What is yhe most expensive thing in the world?

here it is: Antihydrogen. This substance costs roughly $62.5 TRILLION per gram to produce.

How much does a kilo of cocaine weigh?

A kilo is a kilo. doesn't matter what substance you're talking about.please do not by cocaine. Cocaine is illegal you'll be arrested if you use it. I don't know but please don't ask regular people. This question can put you in danger and will embarrass you.

Most expensive cattle?

Show cattle are the most expensive . but in terms of Market Colby Beef are the most expensive.

Which is the most expensive music album?

In America the most expensive is $22.9 million In England the most expensive is £5,578

Which weighs more 1kilo of iron or 1 kilo of cotton?

1 kilogram is 1 kilogram no matter what the substance.

What is the most expensive brand of Bourbon?

What are the most expensive bourbons

What is the most expensive country?

The most expensive country is Monaco

What is the most expensive stone?

rubies are the most expensive stone

What is the most expensive energy?

the most expensive is nuclear energy

What is most expensive stone?

The most expensive stone is the dimond

Which is the most expensive country in Africa?

Djibouti is the most expensive country in Africa