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That depends on what they react with.

If an acid reacts with a metal the products are usually hydrogen gas and a salt.

If one reacts with a base the products are usually water (or a weak acid) and a salt.

If an acid reacts with a carbonate the products are carbon dioxide, water, and a salt.

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Two (or more) substances react and new substances are formed.

These substances doesn't react.

Americium is a reactive metal and can react with the majority of other nonmetals; also react with inorganic acids or water vapors.

Acids react in a variety of ways with a variety of different substances, but one well-known way is with metals. Most acids will react with a metal to produce hydrogen gas and a salt.

Products are the substances produced (= formed) from reactants which chemically react.

The substances which react are called as reactants.The substances formed after the reaction are known as products.

An acidic solution is formed by acids or acidic salts.

Basic substances from the antacid tablets react with acids - this is a neutralization reaction.

When acids dissolve or react, they give up hydrogen ions (also called protons) to other substances.

Substances with a pH greater than 7 are called bases. These substances react with acids in order to form salts.

when acid reacts with a alkali we get a salt and water

generally they do not react as acids do not want to react with other acids but if they were to react the stronger acid would attach the fatty acids hydoxide that is part of the carboxyl group.

After this reaction a salt, carbon dioxide and water are formed.

A salt compound is formed when acids react chemically with bases, they form a class of compounds called salts.

Acids are the substances which release hydrogen ions in solution while antacids are the substances which neutraliae the hydrogen ions so formed by the acids. Antacids are bases, and release hydroxide (OH) ions which combine with the (H) ions of the acids, forming water and salts.

A chemical reaction is the change that takes place when different substances react with one another to form new substances. The substances that react in a chemical reaction are called the reactants and the new substances formed are called the products.

Silver does not usually react with acids but it will react with some of the more strongly oxidizing acids such as nitric acid.

No. Silicates do not easily react with acids.

For example acids react with metals, bases, salts.

Such substances are semi-metals as Zn,Sn and Al , and their oxides, such substances are known as Amphoteric.

when acids react with carbonate it forms -salt+carbon dioxide+water