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How is limestone obtained?

Limestone is obtained by mining.

What happens when limestone is heated with clay?

when limestone is heated with clay it forms cement.

What forms when limestone is heated?

If limestone is heated in air calcium oxide (lime) forms. If limestone is heated under pressure of rock layers, marble forms.

How was marble formed?

Marble is a metamorphic(characterized by change of form) limestone. When the limestone is heated and pressure is put on it, the calcite(CaCO3) in it melts. If the limestone was pure before heat or pressure was applied to it, a white marble will be obtained. If it had hematite or haematite(iron oxide, Fe2O3) or clay in it, reddish marble will be obtained.

What are the products when limestone is heated strongly?

when limestone is heated strongly the product you get out of it is quick lime

What is lime obtained from?


What substance is heated with limestone to prodce cement?

its heated with something

What is produced when limestone is heated strongly?

when limestone is heated a gas is produced which is carbon dioxide and solid calcium oxide is produced.

How is mercury obtained?

It is obtained from cinnabar. Cinnabar is first heated and the product obtained is heated again which is mixed with cinnabar again. Hence mercury is obtained as a product.

Two products formed when limestone is heated?

quicklime is formed when lmesone is heated

What is formed when limestone is heated?

When heated, limestone forms two different things. It forms both calcium oxide and carbon dioxide. This occurs because limestone is made up of calcium carbonate.

What is made from heated limestone?

Limestone, CaCO3 decomposes into quicklime, CaO, and carbon dioxide, CO2, when heated. The reaction is: CaCO3 + heat --> CaO + CO2.

What expands when it is heated?

Most substances expand when heated.

What is limestone obtained from the ground by?

By digging with a spoon.

What is obtained when natural gas is strongly heated?

when natural gas is strongly heated, hydrogen(H) and carbon(C) are obtained.

Does limestone become sandstone when heated?

No. Limestone changes to Marble when it undergoes intense heat and pressure.

What is the white solid produced when heating limestone?

When limestone (CaCO3) is heated, calcium oxide is produced!

If limestone is heated will it become sandstone?

Heat will not change limestone to sandstone. Heat and pressure could change limestone to marble however.

What type of reaction is limestone when heated?

Heating of limestone is a decomposition reaction as limestone decomposes to give calcium oxide and carbon dioxide.

Why do substances expand when heated?

when substance heated,their intermolecular bonding is break at required temperature,there for molecules are free to move;thus substances are expand when heated.

How is limestone usefull?

because in a blast furnace the limestone removes unwanted substances as slag.

What do substances do when they are heated?


Is limestone heated or squeezed?

it's shaken not stirred

What rock is squeezed and heated to form marble?


When limestone is heated what gas is made?

Calcium oxide