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Q: What substances does the cardiovascular system carry?
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What do you call the tubes through which the fluid flows in the cardiovascular system?

The tubes of the cardiovascular system are the following:Arteries - carry blood away from the heartCapillaries - allow diffusion of the dissolved substances in the plasmaVeins - carry blood towards the heart

How does the structure of the cardiovascular system help it to carry out its function?

The cardiovascular system what nurse do

How does the structure of cardiovascular system help it to carry out its function?

The cardiovascular system what nurse do

What substances is not carried by the cardiovascular system?


What is the impotance of the Cardiovascular system?

The cardiovascular system is formed by the heart, arteries, and veins. In connection to the respiratory system, the cardiovascular system provide oxygen to cell and collect carbon dioxide (CO2). The cardiovascular system also helps on the transportation of hormons, wastes. The cardiovascular system is resposable for the circulation of the blood that carry all the substances to and from the cell. With the blood circulating the temperature of the body is also affected.

What system is responsible for the internal transport of blood and dissolved substances?

cardiovascular system

What is the most important function of the cardiovascular system?

The cardiovascular system transports needed substances to cells and transports waste products away from cells.

What does the cardiovascular system carry?

It carries blood throughout the body.

Why is the human cardiovascular system consider closed?

Unlike the digestive tract, there is no beginning or ending, there is no opening to allow substances in or out. The cardiovascular system is a never-ending circle.

Why do you need the cardiovascular system?

to pump and carry blood around the body.

What systems delivers oxygen and nutrients to body tissue?

Cardiovascular system. Also called as circulatory system.

What system does the vien do?

Veins are part of the cardiovascular system. They are much the same as arteries and carry blood towards the heart, whereas arteries carry it away.

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