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Regular granulated sugar is used most often but some recipes also call for brown sugar.

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You use castor sugar. One that is finer than granulated but not as fine as confectioners and it should be white! x

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Q: What sugar is commonly used in baking cupcakes?
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How many tablespoons of sugar are in a dry ounce?

Table sugar, or granulated sugar, is commonly used in baking. One dry ounce of table sugar is equal to two tablespoons.

What is sanding sugar?

Sanding sugar is a type of decorative sugar that has a larger crystal size than regular granulated sugar. It is commonly used to add sparkle and texture to baked goods and desserts, such as cookies, cakes, and cupcakes.

Can milk be used in baking a cake?

of course it can though it works better in cupcakes i think,

Neutral substance made of white crystals?

It may be sugar, salt, or baking soda. These substances are all white crystals and are commonly used in cooking and baking.

What is table sugar commonly used for?

* To sweeten beverages, such as tea or coffee * To sweeten cereal * For baking and cooking * To make the medicine go down

What is sugar used for in baking items?


What is trimoline?

Trimoline is a type of inverted sugar syrup that is commonly used in baking and confectionery. It helps retain moisture, improve texture, and enhance flavor in baked goods. Trimoline is often used as an alternative to regular sugar in recipes.

How do you make birthday cupcakes?

Any cupcake recipe may be used for birthday cupcakes; fancy frosting, perhaps some sugar decorations and most importantly, a candle on each cupcake will signify that they are "birthday cupcakes."

What is a special powder that is used for making cakes?

Baking sugar.

Is aspartame sugar substitute for baking?

It could be used depending on what you are baking. A better substitute would be Stevia.

What do you do if you used baking soda instead of baking powder?

It depends what you are making because if it if some sort of cake like cupcakes for example they will deflate if it is a pie of some sort then it may taste different.