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What supplies should i use when you paint?


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paint, a paint brush, paint brush bucket, and plastic paper for the floors so paint won't drip on it.


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Yes You can but, You should use a trusted brand i used jerry's Painting supplies and now the house looks wonderful

You should be able to rinse the paint brushes and rollers out with water to use them again. Make sure that you do this immediately after finishing using the brushes. If you do not then the paint will harden on the brushes and you will not be able to use them any more.

Professional painters will typically charge $200-$500 per room depending on the type of paint, how high the walls are, etc. Painter costs should include the cost of the paint and supplies. I paid a friend $100 per room but had to buy all the supplies (brush, pans, rollers, paint, etc.). I paid about $200 in supplies and $200 in paint cost for 4 rooms.

No, stainless steel is pretty tough but if you paint a lot you should use a plastic basin to clean supplies.

You should use Green colour paint

oil based paint is when meant to get in contact with liquids water based paint is when your not expected it to get into contact with liquids

You should not paint a thermocouple.

You should use a special concrete and masonry paint and primer. -Available in Rona and Home Depot.

You should use epoxy paint to paint rubber. Epoxy paint works well with rubber because it is made to resist chipping, and flaking.

Yes you can the paint you should use is gloss expessialy for doors

You can paint on a photograph. Normal acrylic would work.

wet paint cause dry paint is just pointless like a blunt pencil

you should use bold flat colours to paint pop art

Mixing clearcoat with paint, will ruin the paint.For enamel paints, make sure you use an enamel clearcoat. You should allow the paint to fully cure (at least a week) before attempting to apply the clearcoat. Never use a lacquer based clearcoat on an enamel based paint. It will ruin it.For lacquer based paint, you should only use a lacquer based clearcoat. The paint should be dry, but does not have to be fully cured, since the lacquer will wet the coat of paint below it anyway.

well im not a pro, but i think you spray paint them with acrylic then use oil on top

fabric paint it can be found at any hobby/craft store

Krylon has spray paint specifically for plastic. You can find it at Wal Mart.

Well, it depends what you are making. For example, if your painting you need the correct materials. You would need paint brushes,the item you are going to paint,cleaning supplies, and a creative mind! :)

I always use a semi gloss white acrylic, and paint them before installation.

You should use an approved encapsulate.

You can paint your car blinkers with spray paint. You can use any type of Marine spray paint. The spray paint should be water resistant.

Any paint used with a paint base will work well to cover the existing paint.

No, hvlp paint sprayers are for spray painting hvlps. You would want to use a kitchen tables paint sprayer and use lots of paint. I like green and brown, sometimes pink.

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