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What symbol represents Hurcules?

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There is no Hurcules.

If you mean Heracles his main symbols are a lion's skin cloak, his club, the "Pillers of Hercules" - or any of his Labors.

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The chemical symbol He represents which element?

'He' is the symbol that represents the element Helium.

What does Venus' symbol represents?

Venus symbol is a circle with a cross under it the symbol represents feminism.

What symbol represents beryllium?

symbol ---- be

What represents a element?

A chemical symbol represents an element. For example, H is the symbol for hydrogen and Na is the symbol for sodium.

What symbol represents forever?

The symbol that represents forever is the Infinity symbol. The infinity symbol looks like the number 8 laying on its side.

What symbol represents cities on a map?

The symbol that usually represents cities on a maps are dots.

What is the significance of the symbol of an element?

Sigificance of the Symbol of an Element :- 1. Symbol represents name of the element. 2. Symbol represents one atom of the element. 3. Symbol also represents one mole of atoms of the element. That is, symbol also represents 6.022 x 1023 atoms of the element. 4. Symbol represents a define mass of the element (equal to atomic mass expressed in grams).

How is an element and a chemical symbol alike?

A chemical symbol represents an element. For example, the chemical symbol H represents the element hydrogen.

What symbol represents the OR function in boolean algebra?

+ is the symbol

What is a symbol that represents catalyst?

The catalyst has not a specific symbol.

What charge do protons carry and what symbol represents this charge?

Protons carry a positive charge and a symbol that represents that charge is a +/

What does the Sigma symbol represents what in military terms?

The sigma symbol represents the lowest possible radar return signature.

What symbol represents Hades?

His symbol is his Helm of Darkness or fear

What symbol represents pi?

the symbol gfor pie is n

What is the symbol for Japan?

The symbol for Japan is a red circle on a white background. The red circle represents the sun.Japan's symbol is a red circle which represents the sun.

What does the symbol of the ghost represents?

a ghost represents death,saddness,nothingness

What symbol represents judaism?

The six-sided star represents judaism.

What Cherokee symbol represents daughter?

There is not a symbol to represent daughter in Cherokee.

What is the symbol which represents Islam?

the symbol of Islam is a crescent moon and a star :)

Why use the symbol of khanda?

it is a symbol that represents Sikhism and is very important to them

What does Judaism's symbol represent?

Judaism's symbol represents David's Star.

What is the daoism symbol?

The Yin Yang symbol represents daoism/ taoism

What does the genocide symbol represent?

The genocide symbol represents genocide. No surprises there.

What symbol represents honesty?

a flower

What symbol represents love?

A heart.