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Holy Eucharist two Bibles habit of the Sisters of Charity children marriage widow mother Episcopaelin Roman Catholic convert teacher caretaker prayer "Live simply so others may simply live." love of God

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What are symbols of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton?

The Patron Saint Index lists no symbols for Elizabeth Ann Seton.

What is a good website that you can find Saint Elizabeth Seton?

Click on this link for a biography of Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton.

What is St. Elizabeth Ann Seton's symbol?

The Patron Saint Index currently does not list any symbols for Saint Elizabeth Anne Seton.

When did Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton die?

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton died on January 4, 1821

What country did Saint Ann Seton come from?

Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton was born in New York City.

Did Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton have a dad?

Dr. Richard Bayley was the father of Elizabeth Ann Seton. She married William Magee Seton, who died of tuberculosis after about 10 years of marriage. Her complete name would be Sister Saint Elizabeth Ann Bayley Seton.

What virtues did Saint Elizabeth practice?

There are a number of saints named Elizabeth. Please be specific.

Where was Elizabeth Ann Seton buried?

National Shrine of Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton; Emmitsburg; Frederick County; Maryland, US.

Where was Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton born?

Elizabeth Ann Seton was born on August 28, 1774, in New York City,

Is Elizabeth Ann Seton a patron saint?

Yes, Elizabeth Ann Seton is a patron saint. She is the patron Saint of Catholic schools and the state of Maryland.

Who was Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton?

Elizabeth Seton was the founder of the Catholic School system in the United States. She is also the first person born in the United States to be canonized as a saint.

What did St. Elizabeth Seton do to become a saint?

I have placed a link below for the biography of Elizabeth Ann Seton so that you can read for yourself the reasons she deserves the title of saint.

What qualities did St. Elizabeth Ann Seton have?

Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton was loving,caring,giving,and she comforted those who were lonely.

Is Saint Elizabeth Seton's body incorrupt?

No, the body of Elizabeth Ann Seton is not incorrupt.

Is Elizabeth Seton the patron saint of the US?

No, the Immaculate Conception is the patron saint of the United States.

What great honored was bestowed on Elizabeth Ann Seton in 1975?

Elizabeth Ann Seton was canonized a saint on September 14, 1975, by Pope Paul VI.

Where was Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton from?

She was from New York City, New York.

Is there a bible reading that is in reference to St. Elizabeth Ann Seton?

No, the Bible was completed about 1900 years ago. Sister Elizabeth Ann Seton is a fairly modern saint.

Why is Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton a role model?

Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton is a good role model because she was dedicated to the Catholic church and the Catholic religion. She also helped many poor countries open schools.

What native born American saint opened the first Catholic school in America?

Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton

Where did Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton go to school?

I have looked at several biographies of St. Elizabeth Anne Seton and can find no reference to the schools she attended. One of the links is posted below.

Why is Elizabeth Ann Seton an important saint?

In the United States Elizabeth Ann Seton is important because she founded the Catholic School System in this country and then developed an order of nuns to run them.

How much money did Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton make being a nun?

no money

Did Elizabeth Ann Seton have a rich family?

Mother Elizabeth Ann Seton, the first American saint, was born Elizabeth Ann Bayley and was the daughter of a prominent New York physician. She and her husband, William Magee Seton, a successful businessman, were socially prominent New Yorkers.

What was Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton's husband's name?

William Magee Seton was Elizabeth's husband.