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The rite of baptism is the door way to the body of Christ, the church. Baptism is a burial in a watery grave. It symbolizes the putting down of the old man and being raised in the newness of life. It is a public confession that states I once was lost, but now I am saved, I am dedicating this body, the temple of the Holy Spirit, to the service of Jesus Christ to the honor and glory of God, that I am bought with a price and paid for, I am no longer my own but God's.

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What is Christianity spirtitual beliefs?

These are belief that relate to the spirit. And it includes life after death, baptism and so on.

How does baptism relate to the Communion of Saints?

The Communion of Saints consists of all the baptized Christians on earth (the Church Militant), the baptized in purgatory (The Church Suffering), and those in heaven (The Church Triumphant). One enters the Communion of Saints through the Sacraments of Initiation which consists of Baptism, Confirmation, and the Eucharist. Baptism is the initial entry into the Communion of Saints.

How do godparents relate to the rite of baptism?

God parents are a witnesses to a baptism. This is usually applied to infant baptism. Both godparents and infant baptism are not found in the Bible. Baptism in the Bible is the baptism of a believer/ a Christian.

What are the differences between a church and a mosque and how does this relate to Christian and Muslim beliefs?

A church is the body of people who follow Jesus, they can meet wherever they like. A mosque is the building where Muslims meet.

In old Baptist church minutes what does joined by experience mean?

There is an experience of grace which is brought about when one has been born again. The new convert who has been saved by God's grace can follow the Lord in believers baptism thus having a second experience. When the old records refers to the one who is joining that is a new convert they join by baptism. When one joins without a transfer of a church letter from another church, and that person has a salvation experience and a baptism experience to relate then the old church would receive them by experience.

How do you relate the baptism by immersion and resurrection of jesus?

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How does baptism relate to Jesus?

Baptism is related to Jesus because John the Baptist Baptised Jesus and a dove came down from heaven saying:'This is my son and I am pleased with him'

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How are godparents relate to the rite of baptism?

A godparent is a child’s representative at the baptism. A baby is unable to understand or respond during the service, so it’s your job to make certain commitments on their behalf.

What does god parents relate to the rite of baptism?

A godparent is a child’s representative at the baptism. A baby is unable to understand or respond during the service, so it’s your job to make certain commitments on their behalf.

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They do not relate to any government. They are philosophical ideas dealing with spiritual growth and a religion and government is secular in nature.

How does poverty relate to religion?

Poverty, low levels of education, and religious beliefs are often interrelated. When life seems hopeless, religion can be seen as a balm.

Passion narratives relate the dedication to the church of the early christian disciples?


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