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What is the antonym of symptom?

A symptom is a characteristic of illness, to which the antonym would be normality.

What are business cellular phones?

Business cell phones require a great calling plan that would be suited for your type of business. Also this would require you to have some ground rules in place for your employees.

If you killed someone and your a Muslim what will happen?

According to Islamic rules you would be beheaded.

Is frequent urination a pregnancy symptom?

Yes it could possibly be a symptom but I would not go just on that.

What is one physical symptom of anxiety?

One symptom of anxiety would be having heart palpitations.

Would you have to urinate frequentlly if you had syphilis?

no, not a symptom.

What is the most common body symptom of pregnancy?

I believe the most common symptom of pregnancy would be a missing period

Is whiskers breaking off cat a symptom of illness?

I would say its a symptom of something. You should get an appointment with the vet.

Who is the youngest member of WikiAnswers?

According to the membership rules, the youngest person would be 13 years old.

Does it hurt to pee in your first week of pregnancy?

It is possible, but this would not be a symptom of pregnancy. It would more likely be a symptom of a sexually transmitted disease or urinary tract infection.

How would you manage factory workers?

Managing factory workers would require one to set rules to follow. You would have guidelines for tardiness, breaks, production, and getting along with others to accomplish a goal.

How many rulers are in the Cattle Kingdom?

How many rules were in the Cattle Kingdom would depend largely on the size of the kingdom. Larger kingdoms would require more rulers to oversee the members.

Which of the followin is a sign and symptom of an open chest wound?

The first "sign" would probably be a hole with blood coming out of it. The first "symptom" would probably be the patient screaming in pain.

How do you spell in Korean?

First, you need to know the Korean writing system, and then you would just spell according to the rules.

Is a fever a symptom?

No, a fever is not a symptom. Symptoms are subjective feelings that the patient experiences. Feeling hot would be a symptom. A sign is an objective observation, such as the temperature of the person. If that temperature is above normal we call it a fever.

Is hyperreflexia a symptom of brain tumor?

Absolutely not. Why would you think that?

When you feel very bloated and feel as if you want to throw up can this be a symptom of pregnancy?

If you have missed a period it is possible, but it is also a symptom of so many things that this would not be the first thing I would think of.

What would happen if we didn't have rules in school?

Everything would be out of order and if we did not have rules people could get hurt so we have rules

How do you know if you are a real gypsy?

Most likely you would grow up in the Romani culture and live according to their ways/rules.

Is wheezing a symptom of poison ivy on a dog?

a symptom of poison ivy would be uncontrolled itching but if your dog is wheesing a lot you should take them to the vet

Does a hair salon have to post rules and regulations?

A hair salon should post its own rules and regulations and should provide good service and products and not cheat consumers. It depends on where the hair salon is located as to what the law may require in regards to posting rules and regulations, but it would be good for the salon to do so.

Will prostate cancer cause a swollen testicle?

No, that would not be a typical symptom.

Would a video tape called Amazon Land of the Flooded Forest require underlineing quotation marks?

Titles of movies (or video tapes) require underlining or italics according to MLA format.

According to the rules of complementary base pairing a nucleotide containing the base cytosine would pair with a nucleotide containing the base of?


Is Fe2O5 a correct formula of compound?

According to the rules for naming ionic compounds, Fe2O5 would be referred to as Iron (V) oxide.