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What system allows the body to move?

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The Muscular System

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What organ system supports the body and allows movement?

The Muscular System supports the body and allows it to move.

The system that supports the body and allows it to move is the?

musculoskeletal system

What body system allows to move?

coordination system together with skeletal system.

Which body system allows organisms to move?


What allows the body to move in human body system?

Muscles I guess.

What system allows the body to move and produce heat?

the nervous system

What is the system that allows body movement?

The muscular system gives the body the ability to move, and it is controlled by the nervous system.

What part of the nervous system allows you to voluntarily move your body?


What body system allows us to move?

it is commanded by the brain by using the muscles

What does the skeletal system let you do?

It supports your body so it allows you to move mostly

What does The skeletal part of the musculoskeletal system do?

Functions as a system of levers which allows the body to move with the aid of the muscles.

What is an open system?

A system that can exchange matter with its surroundings

What part of your body allows you to move?

what parts of your body allow you to move

What is the importance of muscle in our body?

it allows you to move your body.... .... :)

Which body system allows the body movements?

skeletal system

Which organ system allows you to move?

muscular system

Definition of the muscular system?

The muscular system is defined as an organ system of cardiac muscles and skeletal smooth muscles. The muscular system allows the body to maintain posture, move, and it circulates the blood through the body.

What allows humans to move?

The muscle system and the skeleton system are the main body systems that allow the human body to move. When muscles contract and expand it moves the bones, ligaments, and cartilage hence making you move. For more information you can google muscles and skeleton.

What does the skeletal system do in your body?

Your skeletal system provides support for your body, makes blood cells, allows you to move, and protects your organs. The skull protects your brain, and your ribs protect your lungs

What is importance of muscular system?

allows you to move.

What system allows your body to have movement?

skeletal system

What body system helps the body move?

skeletal system

What does the muscular system do for your human body?

The muscular system allows for movement in the human body.

Which body system allows sense of touch?

Nervous System

What part of the skeletal system allows you to move?

Joints help you move freely.

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