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It's called the metric system.

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The metric system

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What method of measurement does a scientist use?

Scientist use the metric system. All science in the metric system.

Why you use centimeters?

Centimeters are part of the SI unit, or international system of units. Scientists all over the world use this system of measurement, and is the only system of measurement that every scientist in the world uses.

Do scientists use English units of measurement?

Scientist typically use the international system of measurements, or the metric system. If you mean English as in England, then yes. The United States' system of measurement is not usually used by scientists.

Why do scientist need a common system of measurement?

Most scientists use the metric system when collecting data and performing experments.

What is the system of measurement used by scientist to collect data?

My Dad is a scientist and i asked him- he saidthe SI system...

Does scientist use English units of measurement?

Hardly, scientists use the metric system because it simplifies the amount of work they do.

Why do scientist use a standard measurement system?

Standard measurements make it easier for everyone to know what that measurement means. The metric system, which is the standard system used by scientists, is specifically designed to be easy to use. The English system is much more complicated, mathematically.

Is it true that most scientist report results of their research using the English system of measurement?

No it's not true. The vast majority of scientific reports use the S.I. metric system of measurement.

What is the standard measurement system used by scientist?

The metric system. Oddly enough the metric system is easier and more precise than the customary system that we use in america.

Do scientist all over the world use metric system as their main system of measurement?

Yes The metric, or SI, system is used by scientists in every country.

Why do scientist use the SI measurement even though it is no more accurate than the English System?

It was recognised that there needed to be an internationally common scientific measurement system and the international scientific community concensus was that it should be the SI system.

Why do scientist use a common system of measurement?

Scientists use a common system of measurement because researchers need to replicate one anothers' experience and most experiments involve measurements. They need a common system of measurements to work simultaneuously and work together.

Why is the metric system important in science?

Only Americans use the Standard/English measurement system. If another scientist wanted to copy an experiment, it would be easier to use an universal system of measurement so that they wouldn't have to convert the measurements. It makes room for mistakes if they had to do that.

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