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What system was used by the colonists to send messages to each other?


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Committees of Correspondence


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Neurons send and return messages to each other.

A net messaging system is a platform that allows users to send short messages to each other . This is commonly known as chatting and is available on social networks.

Neural messages are transferred using neurons. The neurons carrying small electrical messages to the brain and to each other.

They speak in their own language, they don't send messages like we do on computers.

You need to be creative. Phone calls. Text messages. Emails. Pictures. Instant messages. And you can even arrange to see each other in the future if possible.

Pill Bugs release chemical messages in the air to communicate with each other.

They sent messages each other.

It would be correct to say that they send messages to each other often. You could also say, they send messages to other people, often. It makes no sense to say they send messages to other.

They became friends with the colonists baecause they could help each other out.

They use body language to communicate to each other.

Messages travel from one neuron to another through the neurotransmitters. Each neuron has dendrites which receive messages from other neurons.

there moms had thumped each other

You can do private chatting by sending each other messages,but you can only send messages to those people who follow you.

they send messages to each other brains

Endocrine system and nervous system work along with each other and they control each other.

The endocrine and nervous system work together to maintain homeostasis by sending each other signals and messages to know when the body needs something.

Neurological system. Sensory messages travel along the neural pathway from each organ to the Central Nervous System where action is relayed back to the organ.

you keep in touch talk send gifts to each other and just do that and send email messages send each other video messages or use webcams or stuff like that.

The dendrite carries messages to the cell. The axon carries messages away from the cell. These messages travel to the nerves ,that goes to the spinal cord, to the brain.

They talked face to face or wrote letters.

They fought each other in the America Revolutionary War. We are friendly to each other today.

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