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Some say the dragon. Some say a lion. There is not one symbol that means inner power. You could always have the words "inner power" tattooed on your in another language or symbolism. Or get something YOU feel represents inner power and have that tattooed on. That way YOU can tell people what it means. Check out tattoo symbolism here: But remember, sometimes a rose is just a rose. It doesn't mean or symbolize anything!

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โˆ™ 2005-12-19 05:35:03
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Q: What tattoo means inner power?
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What does a bonsai tree tattoo mean?

A bonsai tree tattoo means inner peace. It also symbolizes harmony with nature and your surroundings, as well as organization.

Does Kelly Ripa have a tattoo?

She has a tattoo on her inner left ankle.

What does an Eastern dragon tattoo symbolize?

it means power, protection, wisdom

What tattoo represents inner peace and strength?

The symbol Aum (or om) means quite alot of things, also linked to helping find inner peace, hope that helps!

What does Rey Mysterio's new tattoo mean?

Rey mesterio new tattoo means strenght and power it is for his son Prince David Headley

What is Antonio Banderas's tattoo in Take the Lead?

the tattoo in the movie is on his right inner forearm, a simple cross.

What does a black panther tattoo with a snake mean?

A black panther tattoo with a snack means fierce conflict and loyalty. It also symbolizes a person's strength and power.

What tattoo means strength?

A buffalo tattoo or a strong arm tattoo

What does Ft on a tattoo power supply mean?

It means Followthrough and messures if the machine runs clean...

How do you get rid of a inner lip tattoo?

keep licking it until it goes away

What tattoo represents inner peace?

The yin and yang symbol

What is the meaning of a wand tattoo?

'Wand tattoo' is German and means wall tattoo.

What does a rainbow tattoo symbolize?

When a girl has a rainbow tattoo it means that she is actively lesbian. when a man has a rainbow tattoo it means that he is openly gay.

What does a white tiger tattoo symbolize?

The white tiger tattoo to me symbolizes strength and inner beauty. Not only that but it is a beautiful site.

What does sea turtle tattoo means?

The sea turtle tattoo means protection, healing and intelligence

Is there a tattoo that represents inner beauty?

There is a Chinese symbol that represents "Inner Beauty".Looks like this:

What does a fairy tattoo the lower back symbolize?

A fairy tattoo is a symbol of eternal youth and wanting to hold onto your inner child.

What Chinese symbols look nice?

氣 - Qi - It means inner power. My favorite character.

What tattoos symbolizes fertility?

Tattoos don't symbolize anything, tattoo is a word that means 'mark' the symbol came before the tattoo. A Tribal Sun Tattoo represent fertility, immortality, knowledge, leadership, lifeÕs cycle, power, reincarnation, and spirituality.

What does a tattoo on the hand mean?

its means the person likes tattoo's on their hand

What is an inner elbow tattoo called?

The area is commonly reffered to as the ditch. RiseOne

What is a tattoo that means life?

A tattoo that means life is one that spells Life across a certain area of your body.

When was Power of Inner Strength created?

Power of Inner Strength was created on 1995-03-07.

What does the rose tattoo means as an image and a symbol?

the tattoo of a rose on the forearm means~ that you have spent an adolescent birthday in jail or prison.

What does a headless dragon tattoo mean?

It means the tattoo artist did not finish his or her work.