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No every member of the royal family of every sovereign nation has off shore tax haven in every country.

dedactionof taxes you earn your money every month

They take about $2k from me, and I hate it.

Because of new taxes and even MORE taxes

$5000.00 a month - taxes.

royal taxes fuedal dues work taxes and two more that im not sure of

We do (Canadians) with our taxes.

yes there are taxes on every thing you buy

The french peasants paid royal taxes, tithes to the church, and manorial dues to the lords

Burgesses and royal governor would meet to make local laws and decide on taxes

The royal family get money from taxes

what you earn in a month after taxes

The government largest source of revenue are income taxes ($100 billion/month) and social security taxes(60 billion/month).

About $4,166.67 a month, before taxes.

yes every body has to pay taxes eventually

$14.95 a month, $13.95 a month if you pay three months at a time, or $12.95 if you pay six months at once. Taxes will be applied in states that require taxes for online services, such as New York.

They don't, they gain it through taxes.

period of 12 calendar month

Of course it can. Gross salary is the amount of money made before taxes and other deductions. People whose salaries vary, such as salespeople or small business owners who pay themselves a salary may experience wide fluctuations from month to month.

it costs roughly 1,000 dollars every month!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it becus its a world wide company and it gets most of the profits from taxes!!!!!!!!!!!!! (the game is fun but sumtimes has bad graafics

Burgesses and royal governor would meet to make local laws and decide on taxes! ~HOPE THIS HELPS!~