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I know that since you're asking this, you must be a teenager axious to get to shave. My advice is to be patient. Older guys often complain that their beard gorws too fast. Maybe you should just enjoy the fact that your face isn't that hariy.

2006-08-26 00:53:45
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Are there any tricks to get facial hair to grow faster?

I would imagine trimming the ends once in a while, will help it grow faster. Trimming hair allows it to grow faster, so why not facial hair?

How do you grow facial hair at 18?

Facial hair grows all by itself. There is nothing to make it grow faster.

Why does facial hair grow faster than normal hair?

The more you shave, the quicker it will grow.

How do you grow facial hair faster and thicker at age 12?

If you have already got facial hair at age 12 you have started puberty very early. You cannot make hair grow faster than it is.

What foods make facial hair grow faster?


How can I grow facial hair within a month?

Shave... that'll actually make your hair start to grow faster.

What can you put on a face to make your facial hair grow faster?


How can you grow facial hair faster and thicker natural?

shave it for continues of one weak.and later 3 months you had a facial hair......

Does facial hair on a woman grow faster after shaving?

Yes it does because the hair does not removed from the root.

How do you grow facial hair faster?

Regular shaving does help in speeding up the growth of facial hair (so I have been told). Apart from that, there is nothing much you can do. It all has to do with your biological makeup. Some people grow facial hair faster than others, some more fuller.

When will you grow facial hair?

you will grow facial hair at 15 and 17

How can you make facial hair grow faster I am 15 years old and I have a lot of body hair but for some reason I have trouble growing facial hair Is there any recommendations of what I can do?

you can shave your face were you want hair to grow..... 2nd Answer: The above answer is an old wive's tale . . . you have to wait until your body decides to grow more facial hair on you.

Does Facial hair grow back?

Facial hair does grow back on most people. Facial hair does grow at different rates and thicknesses for each person.

Can native Americans grow facial hair?

Yes, native Americans can and do grow facial hair.

Does beer make facial hair grow faster?

There has not been a study to prove that consuming alcoholic beverages speeds up hair growth, therefore we can assume that simply drinking beer does not cause hair to grow faster.

How do you make your facial hair grow faster?

Eating plenty of vegtables and getting your daily protein can help create more testosterone and testosterone creates facial hair growth.

Does human sperm help facial hair grow?

No, what helps facial hair grow is the hormone testosterone.

How can you grow facial hair thick?

The thickness of facial hair is usually a hereditary thing. Starting to shave as soon as facial hair begins to grow is a good way to start training the hair to grow thicker.

Does olive oil grow facial hair?

No. Olive oil is oil, sort of a liquid. It has no face, ergo, it cannot grow facial hair. It's used a many but it doesn't grow facial hair.

How can an adult grow facial hair faster?

Facial hair grows at different rates for different adults. There are some over the counter products that advertise speed in hair growth, you can give one of those a try. Your best option is just to wait for it to grow out.

What can you use to help facial hair grow faster?

Shave it more often. This leads to it getting longer when you don't shave it. Otherwise, try some hair-growth promoting cream, with advice from a doctor or pharmacist. For some people, however, nothing they do will make their facial hair grow faster or longer, or even at all.

What are the best facial hair removal techniques?

Facial hair can be managed through shaving, waxing and laser hair removal. There are products available on the market that is designed to get rid of facial hair.

What helps grow facial hair faster?

glue mixed with honey and Dr.Schorrls salt i believe that's how you spell it

Will l-arginine make you grow more facial hair?

will l-arginine make you grow facial hair

How do you grow a goatee?

If you have facial hair you just let it grow trimming it to the shape you want. If you don't have the facial hair, there really is no way of making it grow.