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What television channel will have One Tree Hill season 7?


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2010-03-30 17:52:30
2010-03-30 17:52:30

The CW airs one tree hill season 7


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Its on Soap net channel # 262 :)

MTV channel 53 for cablevision ! =]

One Tree Hill season three has 22 episodes, which aired during the 2005-2006 TV season.

Although you cannot watch it on Free to air television, One Tree Hill does air on Fox8 (foxtel channel)

It's already on. Channel E4.

Season 9 is the final season of One Tree Hill :-(

The network that One Tree Hill airs on is WGN, which is channel nine. It has been airing on the television station for many different series and it will remain on this station.

Yes, there is a season 8 of One Tree Hill.

Yes, there is a season 8 of One Tree Hill.

Yes, there is a season 8 of One Tree Hill.

In Australia they only play One tree hill on Austar on the Arena Channel.

There is no such thing as a One Tree Hill movie, it is a tv series. They are making another season but that will be the last one.

Yes, there is a season 8 of One Tree Hill.

One Tree Hill did have a 9th season but it was the last season of the series.

One Tree Hill is in its 7th season.. The first season aired in 2003...

The final season of One Tree Hill season 9 was in 2012

No there will not be a season 10 of one tree hill

One Tree Hill Starts on TG4 this Sunday the27th of Jan 2008 at 9.05 cnt Wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The 9th season of One Tree Hill, will air mid-season in 2011. This will be the final season of the series.

there are 23 episodes in season 2 of one tree hill.

There are 22 episodes in the first season of one tree hill

There are 8 season in one tree hill

There are 9 seasons of one tree hill.

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