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All you need is a HDMI 1.3 Audio/Video cable to hook up your Blu-Ray player to your TV.

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Q: What television jacks need to be available to hook up a Blu-Ray DVD player?
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What jacks are necessary on a television to use a DVD/VCR combo unit?

It's just like hooking a DVD player or VCR, you use the 2 RCA jacks cables that come with the unit, match to TV outputs.

How do you set up a Wii and a DVD player?

put the jacks in the tv put the adapter on the tv & make sure your ableto locate the the adpater with the wii remote

Will a panasonic dvd/vcr combo work with a sony tv?

Yes, any brand of DVD/VCR combo should work with any brand of TV as long as the TV is equipped with inputs for audio/video jacks (the white, red, and yellow jacks that come with the DVD/VCR combo player).

Where can one find a compatible DVD player?

DVD players are designed to play with many models of televisions. One way to check to see if a DVD player is compatible with a television is to check if it has the same video jacks as the tv. There are three different types of video jacks: composite, S-video, and component. Most newer DVD players have the capacity to connect in all three ways. To be on the safe side a consumer should make sure the television that is being connected has one of these jacks. If the tv does not have one of these connections, an RF modulator will have to be purchased.

Does the WII game player work with a 2 output plug instead of the regular 3 called RCA type jacks on an older analog TV?


How do you hook up a DVD player to an old magnavox tv?

Hooking up a DVD player to an old Magnavox TV would involve using RCA cables to connect it. Find the red, yellow and white jacks and attach them to the proper wires.

Are all tv's with component jacks hd?

No, component jacks are common in all but the cheapest TV sets. Composite and HDMI are used in the highest quality sets.

What kind of tv can be use for gaming x box?

any kind of tv with av jacks. For those who dont know what av jacks are they are the red, yellow, and white cords that you stick in the back of your tv

When were apple jacks available?

The early 1960s.

How easy is it to connect a DVD/VCR to a tv?

Gather two sets of combination stereo audio and composite video cables. These bundled cables have a left and right audio cables as well as a composite video cable.,Turn off the DVD, VCR and television,Plug one bundled cable into the appropriate output jacks on the DVD player. Connect the other end of this cable to the appropriate input jacks on the TV. This lets you watch DVDs on the TV.,Plug the other bundled cable into the appropriate auxiliary output jacks on your DVD player. Connect the other end of this cable to the appropriate auxiliary input jacks on the VCR. This will allow you to send a signal to the VCR,Turn everything back on and make sure that you can watch DVDs and record from DVD to VCR.

Can you use RCA jacks for connecting your computer to your PC?

Your computer is your PC, you could use RCA jacks to connect your computer sound to yout tv though.

How do you connect a DVD to tv?

You connect a DVD player to a TV via a scart cable and a composite or HDMI cable. If using a composite cable, ensure that the colors on the plug match up with those of the audio and video jacks.

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