What temp does water freeze at?

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0 degrees celsius

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How do you lower the temp of water?

Chill it or freeze it.

If you mix water and rubbing alcohol will it freeze?

not at the normal freezing temp for water. the mixture will have a lower freezing temp

Why is water a liquid at room temperature?

the temp. is not hot enough for the water to evaporate but not cold enough for it to freeze. the temp has to be 32 degrees F to freeze and 212 F to evaporate

Is water a liquid at room temp?

water is liquid because its the room temp. is 25C generally.This temp. is not very low to freeze water but it is not very high to evaporate it.

What temp does antifreeze freeze at?

it will freeze rite a O if it doesn't have some water in it it is made to react to water and go lower.

What temp does water freeze Fahrenheit?

32 degrees Fahrenheit.

What temp in Celsius does water freeze?

At 0 degrees Celsius.

What temp will water freeze?

0 Celsius or 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

Does carbonated soda freeze?

Yes, it does. And it freezes @ the freezing temp of water

What temp does flowing water freeze?

0 celsius 32 Fahrenheit

What temp dose water freeze at?

negative 10 degrees Fahrenheit

How do you make water freeze at higher temp?

Increase the pressure. Ray

At what temp does the sea freeze at?

Salt water freezes around 28 F

Can water freeze in mid air?

It can freeze in mid-air if the temp. is below 32 degrees. Best is when it is below 0 degrees

How long does it take water to freeze in 32 degree temp?

It takes about 3 hours

At what temp does sea salt freeze at?

Salt water freezes around 28 F.

How long does fresh water take to freeze?

depends on the temp. needs more information

How long does it take cold water to freeze?

it depends on the temperature around the water that would determine how long it would take to freeze there isn't one specific temp.

Does pex tubing freeze?

At what temp does pex pipe freeze

What temperature does ice cream freeze at?

I have a freezer that holds a temp at 1 degree, will that hold ice cream? I put cold water in the freezer next to the indoor thermostat and not only did the water freeze the temp was at 1 degree. Later I was told that when they put ice cream in it the temp went up to 10 degrees. can you help me

What will freeze in less than an hour salt or tap water?

Salt water freezes at a lower temp than fresh, meaning colder. It may freeze faster when chilled enough be cause the salt would disrupt the plateo of the water so it may freeze faster.

What temp deos water freeze in degrees C and degrees F?

Water freezes at 32 degrees Fahrenheit and 0 degrees Celsius.

What happens if you freeze salt with water?

Salt lowers the temp at which water freezes, that's all that happens. So it will defrost quicker, too.

What temp does water freeze at partial vacuum?

The answer depends on the degree of vacuum. It freezes at lower temperatures as the pressure decreases.

Does water freeze the same rate as orange and apple juice?

it depends on wat temp u first start off with water, orange and apple jusice because if they are at different temps they will freeze at diff times...