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97 degrees.

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Do you have to do anything with the duck eggs if you dont have an incubater?

the eggs need to be kept warm in order to mature, check out the link I provided

Will duck eggs hatch with no male?

No, the duck eggs need to be fertilized by a male in order to hatch.

A duck lays her eggs does she have to be laying on them all the time?

Eggs need to be kept within a particular temperature range. As long as that is accomplished, they do not have to be covered all the time. A bird's body temperature is well over 100° F., and in a fairly short time they can warm the eggs to a point where they can live on their own for a period, depending on air temperature, wind, and other weather conditions. The biggest danger to unattended eggs is from other birds, mammals, or reptiles that would eat the eggs.

Will non fertalized duck eggs hatch?

No you need to have a female and male duck to have baby ducks.

How do you handle and stored eggs?

Eggs do not need to be kept refridgerated but it is best to.

How does the mom duck help to hatch her eggs?

Momma duck keeps the eggs warn and humid. Her body temperature is just right to incubate the embryo inside the shell. She guards the helpless eggs from predators and she rolls the eggs over several times per day to make sure all the nutrients the developing duckling need are available.

Do a cocktails eggs need to stay worm?

Yes, cockatiel eggs need to be kept warm. :}

Do eggs need to be turned in an incubator?

yes, you need to turn your chicken or duck eggs in an incubator, atleast once a day.

Do eggs need all time during 24 hours eggs heat constantly?

Yes. They need to be kept at the same temperature for the whole incubation period. For instance, chickens = 102.5 degrees Fahrenheit for 21 days.

What temperature do you need to incubate robin eggs?

Robin eggs need to be kept at a temperature of 70 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. If they get to hot don't try to cool them off with water just let them sit in a shaded area for a while and hope that they are still alive. T~O~L

Why do reptile eggs need to be kept warm?

They need to be kept warm because they don't produce their own body heat.

Why do men have ballsacs?

The testes need to be kept at a temperature that is just shy of body temperature. The normal textbook body temperature is 98.6, the testes need to be kept at about 96.2 degrees Fahrenheit.

Why seeds kept in refrigerator do not sprout?

Seeds need a warm temperature to sprout. So if they are kept in a cold temperature they will not sprout

How do you stop duck eggs from hatching?

I think that you can just leave them in a cool place, because eggs need to be warm to hatch.

Duck that has been sitting on her eggs since march now the eggs are unhatched and black do you need to throw them out before the mother starves to death trying to hatch them?

Throw out the eggs they are rotten, your duck should not starve to death anyway.

How many degrees do duck eggs need to hatch?

40-45 o c

How do you hatch ducks in a science fair?

You need duck eggs and an incubator. See discussion.

Will another duck eat another duck eggs?

This has been known to happen. Sometimes another duck with get "cannibalistic" as some call it and begin eating eggs. it has been said that males will destroy eggs with male ducklings inside, but this is not proven. Your ducks may need calcium, and this is why they are breaking other eggs. Try feeding shell grit.

Why do eggs need to be kept cold?

They don't. The United States is the only country in the world that refrigerate there eggs.

How can you incubate duck eggs?

Duck eggs need to be incubated since layed. Most breeds of duck dont sit on their eggs, until 6 months after starting to lay. Duck eggs need to be at a temp of around 37 degrees. Duck eggs are bigger than chicken eggs, so they are easy to tell the difference. Pekin ducks don't sit on their eggs, so broody chickens sit on the eggs for them. It is a good idea with pekin ducks to take the eggs since layed and put straight into an incubator. If you do not have an incubator put the eggs into an ice cream container with shredded paper and put a small hand twoel wrapped aorund the eggs and sit under a light warming the eggs to 37 degrees. The duck eggs take 28 days to hatch and each day move the eggs around so they get warm in every spot in the egg around 4 times a day. To test if the baby duck inside is alive do a candle test or open flame in the dark and see inside. Click the link down the bottom to read about candles

Which comes first the egg or the duck?

Obviously the duck comes first because eggs need a mother duck to sit on them to keep it warm otherwise the baby duck still in its egg would freeze to death.

What temperature do you need to incubate finch eggs?


What temperature do snake eggs need?


Can a duck have 2 separate nests?

Yes, it can but the eggs,if some will need a home so that they can get used to.

How long will cooked eggs stay fresh at room temperature?

Cooked eggs can sit out at room temperature for about the length of the day. The eggs will need to be refrigerated if they will not be eaten in 24 hours.

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