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It depends on what the solid is.(This is answered by a 12 year old)

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How does temperature affect how fast a solid will dissolve?

Temperature has everything to do when it comes to affecting how fast a solid will dissolve. If the temperature is hotter, the solid will dissolve faster than if it was colder.

What happens if solids are soluble in water?

They will dissolve in the water and form a solution. The amount that will dissolve depends on the solubility of the solid and the temperature.

How much will a solid dissolve in water?

This characteristic is called solubilty at a given temperature.

How does temperature affect how much solid will dissolve in water?

The greater the temperature the easier it will be to dissolve somehting in it. think about hot chocolate...if you put powder in cold milk it wouldn't dissolve as quickly

What 3 things affect how quickly solids dissolve in water?

1) The "solubility" of the solid in question (not all WILL dissolve) - or the nature of the solid itself. 2)Presence (or lack of) mechanical agitation to assist the solid dissolve. 3)Temperature of the water (The warmer it is, usually the quicker the solid dissolves)

Does solid dissolves more quickly in wter of higher temperature than lower temperature?

Solids dissolve in water of a higher or lower temperature depending on what the solid actually is.

Why did no sugar dissolve at 0 degrees?

Because the water was a solid block of ice at that temperature.

How much solid would dissolve in 100cm3 of water?

This depends on the nature of this solid, temperature, pressure, stirring, particles dimension etc.

What factor can change the solubility of a solid in a liquid?

temperature. The higher the temperature of the liquid, the more of the solid you can dissolve in it.

How does the solubility of gas compared to the solubility of a solid solute?

Both solids and gases can dissolve. However, the solubility of a gas decreased with an increase in temperature, but the solubility of a solid increases with an increase in temperature. e.g. Hot water can dissolve less oxygen but more salt than cold water.

Is there a maximum temperature for a solid to dissolve?

The temperature must be under the decomposition temperature of the substance.

Does sand dissolve in cold water?

No. It does not dissolve in water at any temperature.

Is calcium bromide a solution?

Calcium bromide itself is a solid at room temperature, but it will dissolve in water to make a solution.

What helps a solid dissolve faster in water?

Heat helps solids dissolve in water faster. Gasses are dissolved in water faster by using pressure. Heat helps dissolve any solid in any liquid it will dissolve in.

How does water temperature affect sugar dissolve?

The hotter the water, The faster it will dissolve.

Does salt dissolve candy?

Salt is a solid; water can dissolve candies.

How do you dissolve polyvinyl alcohol in water homogeneously?

You need to heat the water up to get the solid to dissolve.

Why potassium permangante dissolve faster in boiling water than cold water?

The solubility of solid materials increase when the temperature increase; it is a general rule.

How much sugar can water dissolve?

70g of sugar will dissolve in water at the temperature of 2o

Is PbSO4 a solid or an aqueous solution?

PbSO4 is a solid that will not dissolve in water.

What would make a solid dissolve faster?

Increase in temperature of the solute, stirring, or crushing the solid.

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