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What term describes the level of air saturation?


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relative humidity Humidity is the term that describes the level of air saturation.

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There is not enough information to determine this. Just being at sea level does not cause the air to have a specific saturation (humidity).

The temperature to which air must be cooled to reach saturation is called the dew point.

More likely, because you have to have a certain level of saturation in the air "the dew point" for it to rain. .

If you are speaking in terms of blood oxygen saturation, then no, life is not sustainable at this level. Normal adult blood oxygen saturation is 96%-100% The air around us contains 21% oxygen at sea level. So speaking in terms of 63% oxygen in the air then survival would not be a problem as this would be triple the amount you currently breathe.

The temperature at which water saturation occurs in the air is called the dew point. At this point, the air can no longer hold moisture.

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Saturation affects the RF value in a significant manner. With saturation of the air, this will result into high RF value which cause poor resolution.Ê

condensation reaches evaporation

when condensation and evaporation equal

No, a zone of saturation forms when water fills the pires in rocks

The term that describes the result from an injury that permits air to leak into the intrapleural space is pneumothorax

cfm stands for cubic feet per minute - this is a term that describes the amount of air flow in duct work - it takes approximately 400 cubic feet per minute air flow per ton of air conditioning

How close to 100 % saturation of moisture in the air that it actually is.

it depends primarily on air temperature

In non-technical terms, vapor pressure is the amount of water vapor in the air and saturation vapor pressure is the amount of water vapor the air can hold at a specific temeprature.

When moisture laden air cools and condenses, and reaches a point of utter saturation, fog forms. The fog cloud does not settle at ground level, it begins at ground and fills upward. Most fog begins from the setting sun to the rising sun. The sun warms the air so the whole fog cloud rises (not "burned off" as is often said). The warming reduces the saturation and raises the cloud-air temperature.

The drier heats the air by radiation from the hot-coils, then blows the heated air at you, where it transfers the heat to you by conduction.

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