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Q: What term is used to describe the roosts reviews of aluminum and old soda cans to make new products?
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What animal roosts?

Birds roosts that's all I know.

Can you give me a sentence with the word roost?

The chicken roosts in the hen.

What were pigeon roosts and what did the prison guards use them for?

Sentry boxes, or pigeon roosts, as the prisoners called them, stood at 30 yard intervals along the top of the stockade. From there the Sentries (guards) watched the prisoners.

Can the Superb Lyrebird fly?

The Superb Lyrebird can fly, but it rarely does. At night it roosts in trees.

Is a peacock a flightless bird?

No, they can fly. The peafowl nests and feeds on the ground, but roosts in low trees.

Where do fisherman live?

The fisherman bats live in hollow tree roosts and in other similar areas as well.

Where do fisherman bat live?

The fisherman bats live in hollow tree roosts and in other similar areas as well.

Does a bat have claws?

Yes they do they use them to hang from their roosts at night. They eat flying insects, so they don't need them to hunt with.

What is roost verb or noun?

The word roost is both a noun (roost, roosts) and a verb (roost, roosts, roosting, roosted). Example uses: Noun: The trees along White Street are a popular evening roost for crows. Verb: The crows only stay long enough to rest. I don't know where they roost overnight.

Does perch mean promise?

perch noun a thing on which a bird alights or roosts, typically a branch or a horizontal rod or bar in a birdcage.

Do bats fall out of nests?

Bats do not have nests. They roost in tall trees or caves. However, sometimes bat babies do fall from their roosts.

What is the name of the song with the scissor tail roosts on a telephone pole when the evening is old and the bayou is cold and who sings it?

Bayou Baby - a Cajun Lullaby