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the only reason why hitler has against jews because his uncle kill his dad and his uncle was a jew. adolf hitler was also afraid of sex

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How did Antiochus treat the Jews differently than Alexander treated them?

Alexander treated them like any other Jews where there,but Antiochus made them worship Greek gods and godesses.

Where did the persecution of the Jews by Antiochus Epiphanes take place?

The majority of the persecution of the Jews by Antiochus Epiphanes took place in the area around Jerusalem. This persecution led directly to the Maccabean Revolt.

The persecution of the Jews by Antiochus Epiphanes took place?

The persecution of the Jews by Antiochus took place during Maccabean times, beginning around 170 BCE and ending in 163 BCE.

What did antiochus turn the temple into?

An edifice of idolatry.See also the Related Link.The struggle between the Jews and the forces of Antiochus

What did Antiochus do to the Temple that was so important to Jews?

He overran it and defiled it in the name of his idolatry.

What was the Propaganda campaign against the Jewish people?

I'm pretty sure that it was about how terrible the Jews were, and how you shouldn't trust them. The campaign was basically telling you to join the Nazis wipe out the the terrible Jews. Of course I don't think that they're bad, but the campaign is saying it. You should read "The Poisonous Mushroom". This story is about the propaganda campaign against the Jews. But you have to interpret a few things, because not everything is exactly straight forward, even though some things are. I hope this helped!

In the Terrible Thing an allegory of the Holocaust by Eve Bunting what do the animals represent?

they represented the Jews because the animals were being taken away like the animals

Who was antiochus epiphanes?

He was the Seleucid Syrian-Greek ruler who persecuted the religious Jews some 2150 years ago.

What is against Jews?

Being against Jews is called anti-Semitism.

When did Titus offer a pig on the alter in Jerusalem?

It was not Titus who sacrificed a pig in Jerusalem. It was Antiochus Epiphanes the Greek king of the Seleucid Empire and a son of King Antiochus III the Great. While he was fighting in Egypt rumours spread that he had been killed. Jason, a High Priest in the Temple in Jerusalem who had been deposed, gathered 1,000 soldiers and forced Menelaus, the high priest appointed by Antiochus, to flee. In 168 BC Antiochus attacked Jerusalem. To consolidate his power in Judea he sided with the Hellenised (influenced by the Greeks) Jews who were in conflict with traditional Jews. He banned Jewish religious practices and ordered the Jews to worship Zeus. Following resistance, in 167 BC Antiochus sacked Jerusalem, built a fortified garrison and dedicated the Temple to Zeus. Sacrifices of pigs were performed. This led to the Maccabean revolt and the Jews regaining control of the Temple.

When was The War Against the Jews created?

The War Against the Jews was created in 1975.

What were the Nazi rules against the Jews?

The Nuremberg Race Laws were the rules against Jews.

What kind of things did Adolf Hitler do during the Holocaust?

Well one of the things that the terrible Adolf Hitler did was send innocent jews to Concentration Camps to be barried with gas and burned to death . He was also in charge of the Kristallnacht night of violence against Jews.

When did jihad between the Jews and Arabs start?

There is no such thing as Jihad against Jews, The Jews are regarded as the people of the book in the Holy Quran and that's a respectable thing. Jihad only means to struggle, Jihad could be your struggle to get through university for a degree. Anyways Islam only allows fights against oppressers, so religion is not the target, it is more the people who oppress.

How did the Jews win against Hitler?

The Jews didn't win against Hitler they were freed by the Allies.

What is the ISBN of Jews Against Zionism book?

The ISBN of Jews Against Zionism - book - is 0877226946.

How did the israelites respond to greek rule and roman rule in their homeland?

Greek rule brought about conflicts between traditional Jews and Hellenised Jews (Jews who mixed religious tradition with elements of Greek culture) and rebellion. During the reign Antiochus IV Epiphanes (reigned 175-164 BC) the king of the Greek Seleucid Empire, the high priest Jason proved his loyalty to the Greeks and the Hellenised Judeans by building a gymnasium and introducing Greek customs. However, the Hellenistic Judeans plotted against him because they thought that he favoured traditional Judaism. Their leader Menelaus was installed by Antiochus who also sent troops in case the flowers of the deposed Jason rebelled. Another high priest who accused Menelaus of robbery at the Temple was murdered. Menelaus continued to plunder the treasures of the temple and violence broke out. He then accused the people of Jerusalem of being supporters of Egypt. Antiochus had several Jews executed. While Antiochus was fighting in Egypt, rumours spread that he had been killed. Jason gathered 1,000 soldiers and forced Menelaus to seek refuge. Antiochus attacked Jerusalem. He banned Jewish religious practices and ordered the Jews to worship Zeus. Following resistance, in 167 BC Antiochus sacked Jerusalem, built a fortified garrison and dedicated the Temple to Zeus. Sacrifices of pigs were performed. Antiochus' actions led to Mattathias, a rural priest, sparking the Maccabean Revolt by the Maccabees a Judean rebel group. His son Judas Maccabee led an army of Jewish dissidents against the Hellenized Jews. They refused to worship Geek gods, destroyed Greek altars in the villages, and circumcised boys. Then they then adopted guerrilla tactics against the Seleucids. They entered Jerusalem, cleansed the Temple, re-established traditional Jewish worship there and installed Jonathan Maccabee as high priest. A large Seleucid army was sent against the rebels, but on Antioch's death its commander agreed on a compromise, restored political freedom and returned to Syria. A mishandling of tensions between Hellenised Judeans and traditional Jews by the Romans was also what led to the First Jewish-Roman War (66-73 AD).

How bad was life for the Jews?

in the holocaust, it was terrible. they were hurt and beaten.Most of them were killed by gassing.

What is the word for prejudice and discrimination against Jews?

The word is anti-Semitism, or better antisemitism(as there is no such thing as 'semitism' that Jew baiters are 'anti').

When was Jews Against Zionism - book - created?

Jews Against Zionism - book - was created in 1990.

How were Jews treated in medieval England?

Terrible! They were treated terrible because they were not Christians! They got blamed on everything! On a number of occasions, Jews were killed in England, such as the infamous massacre at York in 1190. The blood-libel was invented in England; and the Jews were expelled from the country in 1290 and not allowed back for several centuries.

How many Jews were against the Holocaust?

All of the jews who survived during the holocaust approximately 3.5 million jews ____________________________ It is safe to assume that all of the Jews were against the Holocaust, even those that helped perpetrate it (primarily because people are against their own annihilation).

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